August 4, 2017

Esther Staubli to referee UEFA Women's EURO 2017 final

Swiss Elite referee Esther Staubli has been assigned to UEFA Women's EURO 2017 final. 

UEFA's Referee Committee has appointed Esther Staubli to handle Sunday's Women's EURO final between Netherlands and Denmark in Enschede. Her group stage matches were the ties between England and Scotland as well as Sweden vs Italy. After that, she got a quarterfinal, involving England and France. 
The 37-year-old will be assisted by her compatriot Belinda Brem and Sanja Rodjak Karšić of Croatia. German Bibiana Steinhaus will be fourth official.  The officiating crew will be observed by Czech Dagmar Damková,  UEFA Referees Committee Member who handled this game 8 years ago, in occasion of 2009 edition.

06 August 2017, 17:00 CET, Enschede, Netherlands
Netherlands - Denmark
Referee: Esthe Staubili (SUI)
Assistant Referee 1: Belinda Brem (SUI)
Assistant Referee 2: Sanja Rodjak Karšić  (CRO)
Fourth Official: Bibiana Steinhaus (GER)
Fifth Official: Katrin Rafalski (GER)
UEFA Referee Observer: Dagmar Damková (CZE)
UEFA Delegate: Renata Tomasova (SVK)


  1. Will be a hot game, there will be 25000 fans of the Netherlands in Enschede. I hope she can manage with the pressure of the home team


  2. 1ère journée

    VENDREDI 04 AOÛT 2017

    20:45 AS Monaco - Toulouse FC Voir la feuille de match
    Arbitre principal :Clément TURPIN
    Arbitres assistants :Huseyin OCAK
    Arbitres assistants :Gilles LANG
    4e arbitre :Alexandre PERREAU NIEL
    Observateur DTA :Philippe LEDUC

    SAMEDI 05 AOÛT 2017

    17:15 Paris Saint-Germain - Amiens SC Voir la feuille de match
    Arbitre principal :Mikael LESAGE
    Arbitres assistants :Sébastien DENIS
    Arbitres assistants :Benjamin PAGES
    4e arbitre :Thierry BOUILLE

    20:00 Olympique Lyonnais - RC Strasbourg Alsace Voir la feuille de match
    Arbitre principal :Ruddy BUQUET
    Arbitres assistants :Nicolas HENNINOT
    Arbitres assistants :Frédéric HEBRARD
    4e arbitre :Arnaud BAERT
    Observateur DTA :Bruno COUE

    20:00 FC Metz - EA Guingamp Voir la feuille de match
    Arbitre principal :Jérôme MIGUELGORRY
    Arbitres assistants :Bertrand JOUANNAUD
    Arbitres assistants :Christophe MOUYSSET
    4e arbitre :Benjamin LEPAYSANT
    Observateur DTA :Claude TELLENE

    20:00 Montpellier Hérault SC - SM Caen Voir la feuille de match
    Arbitre principal :Thomas LEONARD
    Arbitres assistants :Matthieu LOMBARD
    Arbitres assistants :Mikaël BERCHEBRU
    4e arbitre :Willy DELAJOD
    Observateur DTA :Claude COLOMBO

    20:00 AS Saint-Etienne - OGC Nice Voir la feuille de match
    Arbitre principal :François LETEXIER
    Arbitres assistants :Mickaël ANNONIER
    Arbitres assistants :Mehdi RAHMOUNI
    4e arbitre :Jérémy STINAT

    20:00 ESTAC Troyes - Stade Rennais FC Voir la feuille de match
    Arbitre principal :Karim ABED
    Arbitres assistants :Julien AUBE
    Arbitres assistants :Aurélien DROUET
    4e arbitre :Mathieu VERNICE

    DIMANCHE 06 AOÛT 2017

    15:00 LOSC - FC Nantes Voir la feuille de match
    Arbitre principal :Benoît MILLOT
    Arbitres assistants :Stephan LUZI
    Arbitres assistants :Julien PACELLI
    4e arbitre :Rémi LANDRY
    Observateur DTA :Jean-Charles CAILLEUX

    17:00 Angers SCO - Girondins de Bordeaux Voir la feuille de match
    Arbitre principal :Sébastien DESIAGE
    Arbitres assistants :Mathieu GROSBOST
    Arbitres assistants :François BOUDIKIAN
    4e arbitre :Aurélien PETIT
    Observateur DTA :Hervé PICCIRILLO

    21:00 Olympique de Marseille - Dijon FCO Voir la feuille de match
    Arbitre principal :Benoît BASTIEN
    Arbitres assistants :Frédéric HAQUETTE
    Arbitres assistants :Hicham ZAKRANI
    4e arbitre :Hakim BEN EL HADJ
    Observateur DTA :Laurent DUHAMEL

    Turpin opened Ligue 1 last night in Monaco

  3. OT

    VAR: On-field review in Dutch Supercup

    1. Very interesting. the offside, if correct, it is very tight. However, not important. Correct decision to assign the penalty and all what happened later doesn't matter. Just two remarks:
      1) It will be very important to accelerate the process of VAR review, after every potentially crucial incident, otherwise particular situations, like this one, could happen. In this case, I think Makkelie was informed by VAR officials and then he decided to review the video. I think he was sure about the call he had made.
      2) In case of goal scored by the team that should get a penalty, if this happens before the VAR review, I think advantage should be given. It would be indeed absurd to cancel the goal, going back with a penalty. In that case, VAR should then be used only for possible disciplinary measures regarding the incident (YC / RC...).

  4. OT :

    What are everyone's predictions on referees for the CL playoff games?? Particularly Napoli v Nice and Hoffenhiem v Liverpool?? 🤔

    1. see the last comments here:

    2. Thank you so much Phillip for showing me this one 😎 I'll also share my predictions there 😎

  5. Excellent RC decision by Madley: Pedro with a clear SFP. Studs up. I would say: not easy to detect.
    I'm also satisfied with the YC decision for simulation in first half, even though one can discuss about that.

    1. In my opinion, Chelsea should've had a penalty there. There is a clear contact from defender which made Moses' legs tangled.

  6. In my opinion missed penalty by Staubli (38').

  7. To me 100% penalty minute 38 for Denmark.

  8. The penalty in 38' I think had to be given, a shame Staubli made the wrong call, she was pretty close to the situation. Otherwise, her performance was overall good with a correct penalty to Denmark in the first five minutes. All the cautions were appropriate in my opinion and I like to point out her consistency in punishing dissent: two YC inside the last five minutes in the first half were for dissent.

    1. Yes she was very good but I think it was a clear penalty at 38'. Other than that she did no noticable mistakes. However I dislike that after every single time she calls a foul and wants to give a yellow card she blows 2 hard whistles after the foul whistle. That's only necessary in a few special cases.

  9. Firat Aydinus (ex FIFA Referee) had a critical game in Turkish Super Cup.
    He call a penalty in 90 minute!
    For me Firat Aydinus is one of the best referees in Turkey, but the first for me is Cunety Çakir.
    Video of Penalty:

    What is your opinion about this call of Firat Aydinus?

    1. Absolutely correct penalty, in my opinion.

  10. Artur Soares Dias (the best Portuguese referee) was the referee of the Portuguese Super Cup.

    In this game, with the VAR already running at 100%, it was only requested one time in a possible penalty call...
    Video of situation:

    The referee after VAR review decide not call a penalty.

    The decision was correct?

    1. I think correct decision by Soares Dias in a very tricky situation. If the defender had touched the ball with the other arm, it would have been penalty. But you can see that this touch was made with the arm close to body, and, very important thing, without the touch the ball would have hit the body of the player. So, it wasn't a "free interception" of the ball. Player was however lucky because with the arms in that position he took a risk.

  11. Find some clips of Esther Staubli's refereeing in the WEURO final between
    The Netherlands and Denmark below:

    1. Hi DutchRef, thanks for all videos. I wanted to take a look at the situation reported on the blog (missed possible penalty, minute 38'). It seems as you didn't include it in your videos. Am I wrong?

    2. Hi Chefren, for some reason - probably my own dumb mistake ;p - that clip wasn't included in the album, but is was present in the total collection. I added it to the album now and it should be 'viewable' 👌🏻

    3. Thanks. Clear penalty in my opinion. Attacker had already kicked the ball and the challenge had not any influence on that, maybe this was the reason for which Staubli played on, but for me it had to be punished.

    4. For me personally, you describe exactly the reason why i wouldn't give a penalty, in my honest opinion this would be to easy to give a second penalty, because yes the defender was to late, but has no influence on the outcome off the shot

    5. Eric. Where in the laws of the game does it say that it's only a penalty if the tackle comes before the shot? She completely misses the ball and goes in recklessly into the opponents leg. The fact that the shot was already made is what makes it more obvious of a foul.

    6. Victor nowhere :-) That's not what i'm saying! If the late tackle has any influence on the outcome of the shot/ denies a scoring opertunity, in this case i would probably give a penalty, in this case the shot was already made......and the tackle not that bad to give another penalty, i think Staubli made the right choise, had the good feeling for the game, but yes that's my opinion.

  12. OT: Emil Bozinovski (MKD) will observe Gianluca Rocchi in Supercup match.

  13. It is reported that in German Super Cup there were some problems with VAR, the system didn't work properly. So a goal scored was checked by VAR officials only watching the videos, without the technological support. Luckily, it was not difficult to check and a correct decision was however ensured.

    1. Some more details:
      - it was the 1:1 goal
      - there was a possible offside, AR decided onside
      - apparently the digital lines could not be drawn, so VAR Stieler had to check with the picture only
      - the situation was very tight, therefore onside was at least no clear error, so the goal decision was confirmed
      - also the TV did not show the lines, therefore there was room for much speculation and self-made pictures in the internet, some of them "proving" it was offside
      - DFB picture published afterwards:

    2. Video:

    3. Thanks. Attacker is in my opinion ONSIDE thank to defender's leg. At any rate, never a clear offside. So OK to back referee's decision there.

  14. For my video on the career of Wolfgang Stark, I took a screenshot of the post about PSG-BAR in 2013 and the head injuries and plan to use it in the video - is that okay?

    Many Thanks

  15. OT

    CL - 15/08/2017

    Szymon Marciniak - Paweł Sokolnicki, Tomasz Listkiewicz - Radosław Siejka - Paweł Raczkowski, Tomasz Musiał

    EL - 24/08/2017

    Fenerbahçe SK - FK Vardar
    Daniel Stefański - Marcin Boniek, Dawid Golis - Zbigniew Dobrynin

    Östersunds FK - PAOK FC
    Paweł Raczkowski - Michał Obukowicz, Tomasz Listkiewicz - Tomasz Kwiatkowski

    SC Braga - FH Hafnarfjörður
    Paweł Gil - Konrad Sapela, Marcin Borkowski - Bartosz Frankowski

    1. I can add about Spain that Undiano Mallenco had been already appointed for a game in La Liga on Monday 21 August, but today he has been replaced due to "an international appointment". This very likely means that he has CL on Tuesday 22 or Wednesday 23. More likely 22 August, because we know that for RFEF-CTA two days are enough and in case of game on 23/08 he would have been confirmed for La Liga game on 21 August.

    2. And...
      Olympiacos - Rijeka 16/08
      Observer: Manuel Enrique Mejuto González (ESP)

      Viitorul Constanța - Salzburg 17/08
      Observer: Juan Antonio Fernández Marín (ESP)

    3. I think Hoffenheim v Liverpool might be Marciniak's game!!!

    4. I agree, my second option for the Polish is Sporting - FCSB, but more likely in Hoffenheim. Undiano possible for Astana - Celtic.

    5. OT :
      Björn Kuipers is having an Eredivisie match with van Roekel and Zeinstra on Saturday... A possible CL playoff on 15th or 16th??? 🤔

    6. OT :
      Viktor Kassai is having a Hungarian I.Division ( First in the new season in the 5th (!) round )match with Vencel Tóth and Zsolt Varga ( Tamás Bognár 's regular assistant in EL). So he is possible for the playoff in UCL or UEL? ( Change in Kassai's assistants??? )

  16. OT
    Mateu Lahoz, Undiano Mallenco and Fernández Borbalán have been appointed for champions league play offs.Gil Manzano and Del Cerro with Europa league matches.

    1. In addition to that, according to IUSport those are the five referees from Spain attending the Elite course. Which could mean that Estrada has little chances of becoming Elite in the future. My bet would be that the next one up will be del Cerro.

    2. Fernandez Borbalan for a Champions League playoff??? Scarcely believable choice... Doesn't ever come among top 20 Elite by any means of performance principle!!

    3. Let me say, you are too harsh in this case, Soham.

    4. I think he was quite good last season.

    5. Maybe I'm harsh on Fernandez Borbalan but does he count among the top 20 Elite referees?? If yes, then the appointment is absolutely fine... But if not, then isn't it unfair on those referees who are ahead of him but will miss out on appointments?? But one thing I would like to mention is that if referees like Kassai, Eriksson, Kralovec and so on who overall had a poor previous season ar sent to EL and in their place refs like Fernandez Borbalan or Tagliavento gets appointments then it's pretty fair and acceptable as well!!

    6. Leaving apart your personal opinion about Fernández Borbalán, there are 20 referees to be appointed for the play-off in UCL. There are actually 25 referees in the Elite category (leaving Rizzoli out). In UEL, 44 referees must be appointed. Some of these matches would require an experienced Elite referee due to the teams involved (Athletic-Panathinaikos, with the always troublesome Adúriz and Raúl García in the field of play can be one of them). Let's say that 2 matches require middle-top Elite referees. It means 4 officials. That leaves 21 Elite referees to be appointed in 20 UCL games. Just one to go to UEL in a match that doesn't require an Elite referee. Is Fernández Borbalán the worst Elite referee? Or maybe I should ask: has Fernández Borbalán been the worst-performing referee in the recent times? I sincerely believe he has not. So not difficult at all to find a UCL match for him.

      If 5 Elite officials were needed in UEL, all the remaining ones would get one. Make it 6+ and First Group referees could start appearing in first legs. That is, of course, considering there are not injuries nor extraordinary circumstances which could make one of the referees unavailable.

      Note that being appointed to UEL is not a bad signal for a referee if the match is believed to be difficult. There are always UCL which on the paper seem to be easier to handle than others in UEL, so I think it is more relevant to see which match a referee is appointed for than the competition it is played in.


    7. I did mention that if poor performers last season like Kassai, Aytekin and so on are sent to UEL (which indeed is the case) then a UCL playoff for Fernandez Borbalan is pretty much acceptable :)

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