August 8, 2017

Gianluca Rocchi appointed for UEFA Super Cup 2017

Italian Elite referee Gianluca Rocchi has been appointed by UEFA Referees Committee to officiate 2017 Super Cup, to be played between Real Madrid and Manchester United on 8 August 2017 in Skopje, FYR Macedonia. 

It will be the first UEFA final for the 43-year old from Florence, a deserved achievement after many seasons with regular performances at high level. Rocchi has officiated two Europa League semifinals (in 2011 and 2017 respectively) and he has been  fourth official to Damir Skomina in occasion of the last edition of Europa League's final.
He will be assisted on the lines by his regular assistant referees, Elenito Di Liberatore and Mauro Tonolini. Davide Massa and Massimiliano Irrati, both from Category 2, will take the duties of additional assistant referees. A fourth official from a different country has been appointed: Clément Turpin from France will perform this role. Italian Riccardo Di Fiore will be the reserve assistant referee.

08/08/2017, 20:45 CET (Skopje, MKD)
Real Madrid CF - Manchester United FC
Referee: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Elenito Di Liberatore (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Mauro Tonolini (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Davide Massa (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Massimiliano Irrati (ITA)
Fourth Official: Clément Turpin (FRA)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Riccardo Di Fiore (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Emil Bozinovski (MKD)
UEFA Delegate: Marco Casagrande (FIN) 


  1. Expected appointment, a particular thing to underline is that, immediately after Rizzoli's retirement, Rocchi gets his first UEFA final. Absolutely deserved.
    If we compare this appointment to the one of the last year, we can notice another change: this time fifth official (Reserve AR) is from the country of the main referee. One year ago, with Mazic in the middle, fifth official was a Polish assistant referee, from the same country of fourth official Marciniak.
    Finally, let me say, looking that the two teams involved, this is in my opinion the most fascinating Super Cup of the recent seasons.

    1. Turpin as fourth official though surprises me, I personally would have prefered Hategan or Orsato there.

      Nevertheless: a hugely deserved appointment for Rocchi, and Chefren is right: this is the most interesting SuperCup pairing in years!

    2. Chefren is right!! Rocchi might not get a lot of finals in his career but the one which he has got is an absolute cracker 😎😎😎 Highly deserved appointment for the man who has always been in Rizzoli's shadow till now... I hope Rocchi will have a great game in Skopje!!! 😎

  2. Predictions Gold Cup SF:
    CRC-USA: Pitti, Victoria, Bruna, Lopez
    MEX-JAM: Aguilar, Zumba, Torres, Fischer

    1. Who would that leave for the Final, presuming USA and Mexico meet?

      I think the final three referees are Pitti, Aguilar and Martinez but I just can't see Martinez on the final. I fear Aguilar is being held for the Final... again!

      Even if that's not true, I'd still switch Pitti over to the Mexico match. Costa Rica just eliminated Panama so it makes sense for Pitti to avoid that match. I'll guess:

      CRC-USA: Martinez
      MEX-JAM: Pitti
      Final: Aguilar

      I hope I'm wrong. Maybe Pitti could do the Final? Maybe an American or Mexican gets the Final if their team fails? It's very hard to predict CONCACAF assigning because it's so political.

    2. Well I don't know so much about their performances, but I would have thought H.Rodriguez and Bejarano might be options for the final. At least they both have done a CL final before and been to a U17 WC.
      And is there anything against Lopez for the final besides the QF involving Mexico?

      If Martinez gets the other SF, I agree with your order. I just wanted to avoid Aguilar for CRC-USA after the controversies in 2013...

    3. With CONCACAF, anything is possible. The person or persons in charge of making assignments has changed so often that there's no real history or pattern or rules to look at.

      Rodriguez COULD be a candidate, for he did a knockout match in 2015. But if I were looking at assignments recently, it appears he's now the #3 in Honduras, so that wouldn't make a lot of sense.

      Nothing prevents Lopez from working again and that could be the answer. In past tournaments Campbell and Aguilar have received two knockout matches. But no referee was repeated in 2015 and CONCACAF loves to spread around the benefits politically.

      And let's not forget that last time Geiger had a semi even though the US was in the other semi. I doubt CONCACAF wants to repeat that mistake, but history shows it's not out of the realm of possibility to have an American or Mexican work a semifinal match.

      Another consideration is that we are talking about the same pool of referees who will be used for the final Hex matches involving the USA, MEX and CRC. If there is a tentative plan to use a certain referee for USA-CRC on 1-Sep or CRC-MEX on 5-Sep, CONCACAF will want that referee or those referees to avoid those teams here. That adds another layer of complication that does not exist in UEFA, where you have 9 qualifying groups for most tournaments.

  3. Predictions Women EURO MD3:
    BEL-NED: Larsson (SWE), Iugulescu, Gomuescu (both ROU), Clark (SCO)
    NOR-DEN: Steinhaus (GER), Massey (ENG), Rafalski (GER), Frappart (FRA)
    RUS-GER: Mularczyk, Gorska (both POL), O'Neill (IRL), Adamkova (CZE)
    SWE-ITA: Staubli, Brem (both SUI), Karsic (CRO), Clark (SCO)
    SUI-FRA: Monzul, Striletska, Ardasheva (all UKR), Lehtovaara (FIN)
    ISL-AUT: Hussein, Biehl (both GER), Kourompylia (GRE), Kulcsar (HUN)
    POR-ENG: Pustovoitova, Kurochnika (both RUS), Bilic (SRB), Lehtovaara (FIN)
    SCO-ESP: Frappart, Nicolosi (both FRA), Kyriakou (CYP), Larsson (SWE)

  4. Penaltys or not?

    Sorry for bad link.

  5. Off-topic, Howard Webb is doing a livestream seminar about how VAR will work in MLS today at 20h00 CET:

  6. Questionable last few minutes for Monzul. Penalty called in favor of Germany. My impression is that the German striker is already going to ground even before any contact is actually made. Furthermore, in my opinion the Italian goalkeeper does an amazing job in trying to avoid contact with the German attacker.

    The second caution and thus sending off of the Italian player is a complete mystery to me. The foul committed was a common enough foul that wouldn't require a caution. The actions of the Italian player after the foul seems innocent to me also. Yes the Italian stood over the fallen player. But that in itself doesn't require a caution either. I actually think that Monzul made way more of the situation than what was there.
    On a side note. Watching Monzul, I am left with yo impressions. 1) She's very heavy on the whistle. Extras whistle blows for almost everything. And Shay's in the same tone. No variation. 2) She's not too fleet footed either. It seems as if she actually struggles to get her legs moving. This she constantly found herself too far from play.

    1. 90th minute. Offside called against Germany. But why did Monzul blow twice to call the offside? She had the TV commentary personnel thinking that she had actually blew the end of the match before the full 90 minutes had been played.

  7. I hope Felix Brych for Club World Cup,not for FIFA U 17.

  8. Replies
    1. Hard to spot, it was really close..

    2. Maybe a part of the knee is in an offside position. Absolutely acceptable onside call from AR2.


      The leg of MNU #12 in my opinion keeps ONSIDE the player, if not, a more than extremely tight offside, impossible to detect for AR. So, I think, correct decision by AR2 Tonolini to stay down. At firt glance one can have the perception that player is in offside because his body looks ahead, but the leg of the defender is almost on the same level.
      Moreover, camera is not perfectly aligned.
      A few minutes later, Tonolini had another difficult offside decision, I think he was right.

    4. From Polish broadcaster:

  9. Rocchi is camping in offside position, I really don't like his positioning tonight.

  10. Anothervery good ONSIDE by Tonolini for Manchester United 1-2 goal.
    Surely this evening he is so far the most challenged official on the pitch.

  11. A not too challenging match. I dont like the way Rocchi shows his cards this evening. Especially the card 90+4 wasn't good. YC correct, fast showing it OK, but the way he lets the player know he got a card...

    90+6 missed YC? I would say 8,3 in a normal match.

  12. 1-1 Offside on Lukaku?

      (it was 1-2)

    2. Thank you no offside

  13. Refereeing news from Holland!

    Eric Braamhaar, former ELITE referee, has ended his career. His last match was Cambuur-Vitesse, back in 2016. Now he finally put an end to it. Braamhaar was on the pre-list for EURO 2008, but didn't make it. He took charge of a UEFAa-cup semi-final, quite a lot of matches in the champions league and a match in the WC u20 of 2005.

    His place is taken by Allard Lindhout. For me quite unexpected, since Van de Graaf has more experience, but Lindhout is a promising referee.

    That also means that there are just three junior referees left in Holland. It always used to be six. It also means that there is just one unactive referee left in de eredivisie, Wiedemeijer. His last match was in november 2016.

    So this also means that the Dutch FA finally managed to get rid of the inactive referees. Last season, 4 referees never took charge of any match (from december on), because of injuries. That meant that junior referees had to take a lot of matches, which was good for their experience, but not for the general look of Dutch refereeing. That finally comes to an end now.

    1. Interesting, I didn't know Braamhaar was still refereeing in his home country. His best years in UEFA were around ten years ago! There's still a long career for Kuipers in Eredivisie, if he wants.
      What can you tell us about Kevin Blom in Eredivisie? His career was quite unlucky. He was a promising referee and almost got to UEFA Euro 2012, but a poor performance in the play-offs led to his replacement with Kuipers, if I am not mistaken. Now he only gets low profile games in UEFA games.

    2. Well, Blom was punished for his mistakes in Scotland-Czech Republic. That match was probably too high profile.
      After that, he struggled in the Eredivisie for years. Few high profile matches, lots of red cards, lots of problems. But than he decided to become the 5th official(sometimes 4th) of Makkelie. He even went to rainy, snowy U21 qualifiers with him. And at the same time, his Eredivisie matches went better. Right now he is a highly respected referee. I would say he is the no3 in Holland. He is a real save pair of hands for the topclashes. And internationally, usually there is something at stake.

  14. OT: correct red card?

    1. The replay shows it was not as dangerous as it looked at first (bent leg). However, the force was quite high and clear contact with studs was made. Acceptable decision, IMHO.

  15. You may find the list of referees appointed to U-17 World Cup in India here:

    On the one hand it's something new to invite women, but on the other hand they are there only as reserve referees. Weird idea.

    1. I was surprised to read Bobby Madden's name.

    2. Same here... Anthony Taylor is a rather expected name IMO considering Michael Oliver attended the previous tournament!!!

    3. Also Sandro Ricci is another surprise... Such a highly experienced referee in U-17 World Cup isn't that necessary IMO... Could've been tested in the Club World Cup if at all they needed to test him!!!

    4. A post will follow soon, thanks for the info RayHD and of course thank to Arbitro Internacional.

  16. Yesterday in Italy the friendly Milan - Real Betis was used as VAR test.
    There were two major decisions taken by referee, Daniele Doveri, thank to technology.
    12:40 video minute / 10:53 match minute Offside goal, at first allowed. Difficult situation for AR, due to the quick touch that occurred on the other side than his position.
    10:50 video minute / 86:10 match minute
    Penalty assigned after VAR review. I think in this case referee was informed by VAR officials about the incident, indeed he wanted to rewatch it. He missed the handball on the wall because he was focused in penalty area.

    Another penalty was assigned - you can find it in the first video (match minute 75'), for Milan's 1-1. In this case, referee didn't need VAR, he gave it directly. Game was very intensive with 9 YC. At the end, some players from Milan were disappointed, they said to their coach "this is not football". Well, I think that they were just unhappy because all the decisions with VAR went against them. But in case of benefit... they would have talked differently :)
    We had many friendly games with VAR this summer before serie A starting on next week, but this was surely the most discussed game, also because there was a major team like Milan involved.
    Roberto Rosetti, project leader in Italy for VAR, is meeting all serie A teams to explain how it will work.

  17. I think this should then mean that Felix Brych will be called for the Club World Cup???

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. To me a crucial mistake by Al-Hakim to call a foul for dangerous play in this last minute goal.

  20. FH Hafnarfjördur (ISL) - SC Braga (POR)
    Referee: Kevin Blom (NED)
    ASR: Charles Schaap, Jan de Vries
    4th official:Edwin van de Graaf

    PAOK (GRE) - FK Ostersund (SWE)
    Referee: Bas Nijhuis (NED)
    ASR: Rob van de Ven, Dave Goossens
    4th official: Allard Lindhout

    Play Offs first matches. Interesting to see that Team Nijhuis is split up. Usually he had Schaap and Van de Ven, for years. In the Eredivisie, they are also no team anymore.

    1. Are there any announcements from KNVB in context to Kuipers and Makkelie??

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