March 14, 2017

Mark Clattenburg returns to UEFA duties to take charge of German Europa League Derby

English Mark Clattenburg, who was announced to retire from national and international refereeing with immediate effect in February, has been appointed to take charge of the Europa League Round of 16 return game between Borussia M'gladbach and FC Schalke 04. 

Earlier this month, it was reported that Clattenburg had turned away from immediately leaving the Premier League panel before the end of the season following a talk with David Elleray. Now, it is evident that Clattenburg's delayed retirement also has effects on his UEFA duties and appointments made by Pierluigi Collina.

Along with Jake Collin, Simon Bennett, Anthony Taylor, Andre Marriner and Harry Lennard, he is going to referee the German Europa League derby in Mönchengladbach's Borussia Park on Thursday.

All Europa League appointments:

Borussia M'gladbach - FC Schalke 04: Mark Clattenburg (ENG)
FC Krasnodar - Celta Vigo: Ruddy Buquet (FRA)
RSC Anderlecht - APOEL: Aleksei Kulbakov (BLR)
AS Roma - Olympique Lyon: Viktor Kassai (HUN)
Manchester Utd. - FC Rostov: Gediminas Mazeika (LTU)
Besiktas - Olympiacos: Michael Oliver (ENG)
KRC Genk - KAA Gent: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP)
AFC Ajax - FC Kobenhavn: Ivan Kruzliak (SVK)

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  1. I don't know, perhaps this is just his last game at UEFA level, but difficult to believe that. We all know how much Collina and committee are strict in terms of motivations. A referee announcing his retirement is immediately ruled out from every game. In recent times, we can remember Hansen. But yes, Clattenburg is Clattenburg and he can get something even in this condition. Without having attended the winter course in Malaga. That is absolutely unfair, but first of all, how much poorly was managed this situation. One must have clear ideas, otherwise it is better to be silent. As Schalke / M'gladbach I wouldn't like so much this appointment.

  2. So maybe the Daily Mail's article on Collina trying to keep Clattenburg for FIFA WC 2018 as UEFA referee is true. Unfortunately, we have same 'news', no official statements (bar that issued by FA)...

  3. Appointment Clattenburg the humiliation of European referees.

  4. Now it seems possible, that Clattenburg will also be appointed in a CL QF and maybe in the upcoming European Qualfiers.

  5. "Appointment Clattenburg the humiliation of European referees."
    That's a bit harsh.
    I must say I am not surprised by this appointment. Unless I am completely mistaken, he is still a Premier League referee until the end of the season. From what I have read, Mark will be free to start his post after the end of the season. He is still a FIFA listed referee under UEFA, and as one of the top performing referees why not be appointed?
    I do however agree that the whole situation is a complete fiasco and Chefren is right when he says "how much poorly was managed this situation. One must have clear ideas, otherwise it is better to be silent".
    I'm not sure on the rules - he should have attended the course if this was a requirement to carry on for the WC, there should be no special treatment just because he is Clattenburg - it sends the complete wrong message.
    Just out of interest Chefren - Your comment "As Schalke / M'gladbach I wouldn't like so much this appointment". Is there a particular reason why you don't like the appointment?

    1. Yes the reason is that I would like a referee with strong motivation for a so important game for my team at this level in EL KO stage. Clattenburg announced his retirement / different choice, and therefore he would give the idea of being not so much interesting in officiating games for UEFA.

    2. I think it's more to do with how badly he wants to come away form the PGMOL as they have treated him quite badly in recent years.
      His face simply doesnt fit to the the English FA and PGMOL and I can't blame him tbh.
      I think he loves working with PLC and UEFA

  6. It would be interesting to know what Kenn Hannsen thinks about the appointment of Clattenburg after he had been replaced in CL last year because he announced his retirement...

    1. 1- Kenn Hansen was a good referee - but not Mark Clattenburg
      2- Clattenburg is not retiring, but will continue his refereeing career elsewhere, however dodgy the arrangement.

      My problem with the Clattenburg arrangement concerns the terms of his return: if you had to persuade him that much to come back (as some reports suggest), then why give him crappy matches? And if he gets such crappy matches, why bother keep him in the work force? Would it not be fairer to give other European referees these matches than to woo a guy who wants to get away? And if the aim is to groom him for the World Cup, will it be fair to him and to the other referees to go from low-profile matches to the top? He hasn't been getting top matches in England either, and I simply don't see the point of waiving all the rules to convince him to stay if he is to be Fourth official on West Brom-Crystal Palace...

    2. It is clear that Hansen was on a different level, but I think that you should treat every referee equally.

      I fully agree with you that it isn't really fair to give him a match when he wants to get away instead of other referees who wants to develop their careers in UEFA.

      I think Clattenburg is a very, very good referee and I would also like to see him at WC 2018. But then there should be clear positions between him, UEFA, FIFA, Saudia Arabia, England and so on. It looks like he can do everything he likes just because he is a good referee.

      However, we can't change anything about it and I wish Clattenburg all the best in his upcoming challenges! But it would be nice to know where he belongs to...

    3. Fully agree with david02...

    4. I agree with you all as this is a complete fiasco as we have pointed out.
      I cant understand why the PGMOL continue to give him matches of little or no consequence.
      Just agree a settlement as with any other job!
      If the case that he wants to enter the world cup in 2018 then he has to stay active and to be honest I would rather see him in UEFA matches
      Anyway this story is set to continue and will be interesting to see how this ends!

  7. Where I could see the full list of observation reports for 2017? Thank you.

  8. Not sure if you already knew but a friendly between Estonia and Croatia(25-03-17) will be handled by Clattenburg (assistants Collin and Bennett) as well. He will also give a course to the top Estonian referees which was his idea. Source: Estonian Football Association.

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