November 10, 2016

World Cup 2018 Qualifiers - Complete Referee Appointments for Matchday 4

These officials have been appointed for the fourth matchday of 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers (UEFA Zone). Among others, Turkish Cüneyt Çakır has been chosen to officiate England vs Scotland in Wembley Stadium.

11 November 2016

Group A, 20:45, Saint-Denis (France)
France - Sweden
Referee: Milorad Mažić (Serbia)
Assistant Referee 1: Milovan Ristić (Serbia)
Assistant Referee 2: Dalibor Djurdjević (Serbia)
Fourth Official: Nenad Djokić (Serbia)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Christakis Skapoullis (Cyprus)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Roland Tis (Belgium)

Group C, 20:45, Belfast (Northern Ireland)
Northern Ireland - Azerbaijan
Referee: Clément Turpin (France)
Assistant Referee 1: Nicolas Danos (France)
Assistant Referee 2: Cyril Gringore (France)
Fourth Official: Frank Schneider (France)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Manuel López Fernández (Spain)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Renata Tomasova (Slovakia)

Group C, 20:45, Serravalle (San Marino)
San Marino - Germany
Referee: Artyom Kuchin (Kazakhstan)
Assistant Referee 1: Yevgeniy Belskiy (Kazakhstan)
Assistant Referee 2: Anatoliy Khodin (Kazakhstan)
Fourth Official: Aleksander Gauzer (Kazakhstan)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Shmuel Shteif (Israel)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Jim Stjerne Hansen (Denmark)

Group C, 20:45, Prague (Czech Republic)
Czech Republic - Norway
Referee: Bas Nijhuis (Netherlands)
Assistant Referee 1: Rob van de Ven (Netherlands)
Assistant Referee 2: Charles Schaap (Netherlands)
Fourth Official: Pol van Boekel (Netherlands)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Nikolay Levnikov (Russia)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Georg Lüchinger (Liechtenstein)

Group E, 18:00, Yerevan (Armenia)
Armenia - Montenegro
Referee: Pavel Královec (Czech Republic)
Assistant Referee 1: Roman Slyško (Slovakia)
Assistant Referee 2: Ivo Nadvornik (Czech Republic)
Fourth Official: Miroslav Zelinka (Czech Republic)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Ichko Lozev (Bulgaria)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Tomas Karpavicius (Lithuania)

Group E, 20:45, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Denmark - Kazakhstan
Referee: Alon Yefet (Israel)
Assistant Referee 1: Danny Krasikow (Israel)
Assistant Referee 2: Nissan Davidy (Israel)
Fourth Official: Orel Grinfeeld (Israel)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Drazenko Kovacić (Croatia)
FIFA Match Commissioner: José Aguiar (Portugal)

Group E, 20:45, Bucharest (Romania)
Romania - Poland
Referee: Damir Skomina (Slovenia)
Assistant Referee 1: Jure Praprotnik (Slovenia)
Assistant Referee 2: Robert Vukan (Slovenia)
Fourth Official: Matej Jug (Slovenia)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Rodger Gifford (Wales)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Mark Blackbourne (England)

Group F, 20:45, London (England)
England - Scotland
Referee: Cüneyt Çakır (Turkey)
Assistant Referee 1: Bahattin Duran (Turkey)
Assistant Referee 2: Tarik Ongun (Turkey)
Fourth Official: Hüseyin Göçek (Turkey)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Matteo Simone Trefoloni (Italy)
FIFA Match Commissioner: David Griffiths (Wales)

Group F, 20:45, Ta' Qali (Malta)
Malta - Slovenia
Referee: Pawel Raczkowski (Poland)
Assistant Referee 1: Michal Obukowicz (Poland)
Assistant Referee 2: Radoslaw Siejka (Poland)
Fourth Official: Tomasz Musial (Poland)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Konrad Plautz (Austria)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Michail Kassabov (Bulgaria)

Group F, 20:45, Trnava (Slovakia)
Slovakia - Lithuania
Referee: Tasos Sidiropoulos (Greece)
Assistant Referee 1: Polychronis Kostaras (Greece)
Assistant Referee 2: Lazaros Dimitriadis (Greece)
Fourth Official: Alexandros Aretopoulos (Greece)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Michael Ross (Northern Ireland)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Ronen Hershco (Israel)

12 November 2016

Group D, 18:00, Tbilisi (Georgia)
Georgia - Moldova
Referee: Georgi Kabakov (Bulgaria)
Assistant Referee 1: Martin Margaritov (Bulgaria)
Assistant Referee 2: Martin Venev (Bulgaria)
Fourth Official: Nikola Popov (Bulgaria)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Tomasz Mikulski (Poland)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Romano Clavadetscher (Switzerland)

Group D, 18:00, Vienna (Austria)
Austria - Ireland
Referee: Sergei Karasev (Russia)
Assistant Referee 1: Anton Averianov (Russia)
Assistant Referee 2: Tikhon Kalugin (Russia)
Fourth Official: Aleksei Nikolaev (Russia)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Pierluigi Collina (Italy)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Claude Runavot (France)

Group D, 20:45, Cardiff (Wales)
Wales - Serbia
Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (Spain)
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Díaz Pérez Del Palomar (Spain)
Assistant Referee 2: Raúl Cabañero Martínez (Spain)
Fourth Official: Carlos Clos Gómez (Spain)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Luciano Luci (Italy)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Karl Eriksen (Norway)

Group G, 20:45, Elbasan (Albania)
Albania - Israel
Referee: Deniz Aytekin (Germany)
Assistant Referee 1: Guido Kleve (Germany)
Assistant Referee 2: Markus Häcker (Germany)
Fourth Official: Daniel Siebert (Germany)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Adrian Casha (Malta)
FIFA Match Commissioner: João Morais (Portugal)

Group G, 20:45, Vaduz (Liechtenstein)
Liechtenstein - Italy
Referee: Ivan Bebek (Croatia)
Assistant Referee 1: Tomislav Petrović (Croatia)
Assistant Referee 2: Miro Grgić (Croatia)
Fourth Official: Mario Zebec (Croatia)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Nuno Castro (Portugal)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Nodar Akhalkatsi (Georgia)

Group G, 20:45, Granada (Spain)
Spain - Macedonia
Referee: Robert Schörgenhofer (Austria)
Assistant Referee 1: Maximilian Kolbitsch (Austria)
Assistant Referee 2: Andreas Heidenreich (Austria)
Fourth Official: Dominik Ouschan (Austria)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Kaj Natri (Finland)
FIFA Match Commissioner: István Huszár (Hungary)

Group I, 18:00, Zagreb (Croatia)
Croatia - Iceland
Referee: Gianluca Rocchi (Italy)
Assistant Referee 1: Mauro Tonolini (Italy)
Assistant Referee 2: Filippo Meli (Italy)
Fourth Official: Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni (Italy)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Vlado Sajn (Slovenia)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Campbell Ogilvie (Scotland)

Group I, 20:45, Antalya (Turkey)
Turkey - Kosovo
Referee: Tamás Bognar (Hungary)
Assistant Referee 1: Balázs Buzas (Hungary)
Assistant Referee 2: Zsolt Varga (Hungary)
Fourth Official: Ferenc Karako (Hungary)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Stefan Messner (Austria)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Stefano Pucci (Italy)

Group I, 20:45, Odessa (Ukraine)
Ukraine - Finland
Referee: Manuel de Sousa (Portugal)
Assistant Referee 1: Alvaro Mesquita (Portugal)
Assistant Referee 2: Ricardo Santos (Portugal)
Fourth Official: Fabio Costa Verissimo (Portugal)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Gerard Perry (Ireland)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Jacques Antenen (Switzerland)

13 November 2016

Group A, 18:00, Sofia (Bulgaria)
Bulgaria - Belarus
Referee: Stephan Klossner (Switzerland)
Assistant Referee 1: Remy Zgraggen (Switzerland)
Assistant Referee 2: Marco Zürcher (Switzerland)
Fourth Official: Alain Bieri (Switzerland)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Karen Nalbandyan (Armenia)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Orkhan Huseynzade (Azerbaijan)

Group A, 18:00, Luxembourg City (Luxembourg)
Luxembourg - Netherlands
Referee: Anthony Taylor (England)
Assistant Referee 1: Stephen Child (England)
Assistant Referee 2: Gary Beswick (England)
Fourth Official: Robert Madley (England)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Rune Pedersen (Norway)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Dag Steinar Vestlund (Norway)

Group B, 18:00, Budapest (Hungary)
Hungary - Andorra
Referee: Christos Nicolaides (Cyprus)
Assistant Referee 1: Charalambos Charalambous (Cyprus)
Assistant Referee 2: Ioannis Lazarou (Cyprus)
Fourth Official: Demetrios Masias (Cyprus)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Zoran Petrović (Serbia)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Olzhas Abrayev (Kazakhstan)

Group B, 20:45, Faro (Portugal)
Portugal - Latvia
Referee: Robert Madden (Scotland)
Assistant Referee 1: David McGeachie (Scotland)
Assistant Referee 2: Stuart Stevenson (Scotland)
Fourth Official: Steven McLean (Scotland)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Eugen Strigel (Germany)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Octavian Goga (Romania)

Group B, 20:45, Lucerne (Switzerland)
Switzerland - Faroe Islands
Referee: Sébastien Delferiere (Belgium)
Assistant Referee 1: Yves de Neve (Belgium)
Assistant Referee 2: Kevin Monteny (Belgium)
Fourth Official: Alexandre Boucaut (Belgium)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Marinus Koopman (Netherlands)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Sviatlana Hrynkevich (Belarus)

Group H, 17:00, Nicosia (Cyprus)
Cyprus - Gibraltar
Referee: Aliyar Aghayev (Azerbaijan)
Assistant Referee 1: Rza Mammadov (Azerbaijan)
Assistant Referee 2: Zeynal Zeynalov (Azerbaijan)
Fourth Official: Orkhan Mammadov (Azerbaijan)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Stefano Podeschi (San Marino/Italy)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Leonid Kaloshin (Russia)

Group H, 20:45, Brussels (Belgium)
Belgium - Estonia
Referee: Alexandru Tudor (Romania)
Assistant Referee 1: Vasile Marinescu (Romania)
Assistant Referee 2: Mihai Ovidiu Artene (Romania)
Fourth Official: István Kovács (Romania)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Kaj Østergaard (Denmark)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Milovan Djukanović (Montenegro)

Group H, 20:45, Piraeus (Greece)
Greece - Bosnia & Herzegovina
Referee: Jonas Eriksson (Sweden)
Assistant Referee 1: Mathias Klasenius (Sweden)
Assistant Referee 2: Daniel Wärnmark (Sweden)
Fourth Official: Andreas Ekberg (Sweden)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Jan Fasung (Slovakia)
FIFA Match Commissioner: Petr Fousek (Czech Republic)


  1. Interesting to see some Category 2 referees there. Apart from Ağayev, followed closely by committee, we have: Kabakov, Klossner and Kuchin. These appointments are in my opinion reasonable, it is good to see referees from lower categories. In the previous three matchdays this didn't happen because all games were very important for the standings. Now, with some situations already defined, it is possible to make other assessments.
    I think a Category 2 was possible as well in Liechtenstein - Italy, Bebek seems too much for this game.
    Notable clashes for: Rocchi, Eriksson, Mažić, Çakır.
    Skomina and Královec in a group open to any result: more than two teams can fight for first place, at least on the paper.
    An Elite referee for Northern Ireland - Azerbaijan is a logical choice.

    1. I did not expect these 2nd Category referees to be apointed to WC qualifiers =(?) to be closely watched in context of potential promotion. Kuchin is already 38, Klossner 35, but Kabakov is only 30, so who knows what is behind these appointments...

      I really like the idea many 1st Category referees receive good games this season.

      Albania - Israel and Hungary - Andorra games are missing. Any reason? :)

    2. I don't know why referees for these games are missing. It is indeed strange, they should be already appointed. Perhaps a last minute change... we will see. With Tudor and Yefet appointed for the first time, Stavrev is the only referee, regularly appointed in EL, without any game in WC qualifiers.

  2. I'm really happy to see new names like as Kabakov, Agayev, Kuchin and Klossner and not always the same ones.
    And I'm really happy to see officials from Category 2. It's a good opportunity for them to improve and to grow and maybe to get a promotion at the end of the year; honestly many matches allow a name from the bottom of the ranking. Like for example LIechstein- Italy: a 2nd category would have been good.
    One question for you about Italian names; from latest appointments my feeling is tat Rocchi is getting a lot of top clashed (like i.e. last CL match PSV - Bayern), so my feeling is that Committee is preparing him for 2018 WC in spite of Rizzoli. Do you know or think if Rizzoli has decide to retire soon ?

    1. As far as I know Rizzoli seems to have retired from WC2018 selection, but no official news has been released yet, just some rumours on different websites/blogs.

    2. True. To my knowledge he is out of Russia and Rocchi has the pole position.

    3. Rocchi really deserves a final tournament.

    4. Whoa!! Rizzoli out of Russia??? If that's the case surely Rocchi will finally have his chances!! 😃

    5. Maybe Rizzoli finishes his career at the Confed Cup (final?).

    6. It will be a sad day when Rizzoli retires.

    7. Who will be the likely candidates for the Confederations Cup in 2017 among UEFA referees??

    8. I guess: Skomina, Marciniak, Mateu lahoz, Zambrano, Caceres, Grisha, Lopez Castellanos, Shukrallah and Conger. Do you know if VAR will be used at next Confederation Cup ?

    9. Early prediction and my preferable for 2018 WC:

      OFC: N. HAUATA (TAH)


      Your feedback ?

    10. Mateu Lahoz is undeserving IMO but will somehow make because of politics!!

    11. Probably Karasev will be there even as main referee.

      Widely agree with your predictions though. One food for thought: Don't know, it looks weird to imagine that there should be no Japanese / Eastern Asian official in Russia. Specially since Kamikawa is in the committee..

    12. I think, for ConfedCup, FIFA will prefer the referees, who they know best, i.e. those, who have been at the last WC (and are pre-selected for the next one).
      So for UEFA the choice probably would be between Clattenburg, Cakir, Mazic, Rizzoli (?) and Eriksson, because Brych and Kuipers have already been at the last ConfedCup.

    13. Webb did 2 Confederations Cup in 2009 and 2013 so absolutely no valid reason to rule out Brych and Kuipers... Particularly Brych who did just one inconsequential game last time...

    14. Right, but as Germany is in the competition, I think, it is unlikely.
      My prediction for ConfedCup:
      Faghani, Shukralla, Gassama, Pitana, Ricci, Geiger, Clattenburg, Eriksson, Mazic, Rizzoli/Cakir (depending on Rizzoli's plans)

    15. As Rizzoli is not on the pre list anymore, he is no option for Confed Cup (actually).

    16. How can Geiger be consider still reliable after the huge mistake at last Gold Cup semifinal match ?
      Emil have you any explanation ? Does he recover after that mistake which created a lot of scandal ? Is now performing so very well to forget his mistake ?

      On other hand I would like to share my regretting and my sympathy to Greek referees' world for the recent bad occurrence at referee committee.

      Last point, one question for you: Does FIFA have their own referee observers or only Fifa referee committee and observers just belong to continental confederations ?

  3. Aytekin whistles between Albania against Israel.

    Albania - Israel

    Referee : Deniz Aytekin (GER)
    Assistant Referee 1 : Guido Kleve (GER)
    Assistant Referee 2 : Markus Häcker (GER)
    Fourth Official : Daniel Siebert (GER)

    1. The match has been relocated due to reported danger of terror. That might be the reason for the late appointment.

    2. Then I think that for this match should have been appointed some more experienced and "big name"referee like Clattenburg or Rizzoli or Brych,etc...
      Actually,Rizzoli handled Albania-Serbia match,also there were some big words that Albanian fans will do something,but they didn't.

      Similar type of match was played last year,when Bosnia played against Israel.Home suppporters were burning Israel flag,they were booing Israel's anthem while shouting Palestina and there was lot of security on the court,they even had soldiers with snipers to protect Israel's players.

      Simililar situation will happen for sure,because Albania is a predominantly Muslim country where the vast majority practise a moderate form of Islam and they have that Balkan mentality.

      Very risky match and again,I think that some better and experienced ref should have handled this match.

    3. Someone who is able to handle Juventus-Sevilla and more than 100 Bundesliga games should actually manage that. Specially since Aytekin is experienced in critical matches and audiences such as in Montenegro 2 years ago.

    4. @Niclas, I hope that Aytekin will do his job well and I don't question his experience.It's just my opinion that some really big name ref should have gotten this match.

    5. Yes, understand your thoughts. Just think that this might have motivated UEFA to rely on him.

    6. As for myself, I'd prefer Aytekin to Brych on any day!! I would also stress the symbolic appointment of a German of Turkish origin to this pretty symbolism-loaded encounter. And as for WC wishes, I would have liked Aytekin to be in Russia 2018 instead of Brych (if Germany remains with one name included in the list of appointees).

  4. Hungary - Andorra:
    Christos Nicolaides

    1. Well, the Cyprian is already 41 years old. It's his first notable appointment. I think, there are actually some more promising referees in the secound group but nevertheless: All the best.

    2. The Hungary-Andorra will not be in Sofia :D It will be in Budapest :D

    3. So all the referees from the 2nd group, appointed on this matchday, are from a country without referee in the first group and are maybe the No.1 domestically (?).
      Apparently UEFA wants to spread appointments between as many countries as possible.

    4. Very good remark...

  5. Marco Guida, injured, has been replaced by Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni as fourth in CRO - ISL.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Here are referee appointments for Matchday 11 and 12,World Cup qualification (CONMEBOL):

  8. Another disqusting act in Greece.

    "Unknown" criminals burned down the house of Georgios Bikas who is the New Head of Greek refereeing since last week. That act comes only a few days after the verbal attack on Ioannis Tsachilidis (who is also a member of the Refereeing Committee).

    1. Oh dear, bad to hear that.

      What are the reasons behind it? Can you give us a rough description of the background maybe?

    2. Since last week HFF has a normalization committee which will stay for 6 months in order to have elections to HFF. Mr Bikas was a member of that committee and Head of the Greek Refereeing. He was given an order from FIFA to change the Super League referee's list. Rumour said that he would sent-off at least 10 referees from the SL list.

      I don't know what to expect more. Things here are getting worse. FIFA/UEFA should have intervened years ago. Unfortunately that never happened.

  9. Why there are UEFA Referee Observers, not FIFA Referee Assessors, in UEFA press kits?

  10. UEFA Referee Observers - 11 November:

    ARM-MNE / Královec (CZE) / Lozev (BUL)
    CZE-NOR / Nijhuis (NED) / Levnikov (RUS)
    DEN-KAZ / Yefet (ISR) / Kovačić (CRO)
    ENG-SCO / Çakır (TUR) / Trefoloni (ITA)
    FRA-SWE / Mažić (SRB) / Skapoullis (CYP)
    MLT-SVN / Raczkowski (POL) / Plautz (AUT)
    NIR-AZE / Turpin (FRA) / López Fernández (ESP)
    ROU-POL / Skomina (SVN) / Gifford (WAL)
    SMR-GER / Kuchin (KAZ) / Shteif (ISR)
    SVK-LTU / Sidirópoulos (GRE) / Ross (NIR)

  11. Pierluigi Collina observes Sergei Karasev.

    1. Vlado Sajn with Rocchi seems to be quite relevant as well.
      I think that, after many years of Rizzoli, finally this is the time for the referee from Florence...

    2. Hi Niclas please check your mailbox once!! I had some doubts to clear from you before I can send you the Juv-Lyon observation report... Please help 😃

  12. OT
    Spanish observers for CL / EL MD5:

    SSC Napoli - Dynamo Kyiv
    Juan Antonio Fernández Marín

    KAA Gent - SC Braga
    Bernardino González Vázquez

    In addition, still from Spain, David Fernández Borbalán has been appointed for Madrid's derby on 19/11.

  13. Wrongly disallowed goal (the possible 0-4) by AR1 in San Marino - Germany. I would also add, a quite easy situation to read.

    1. And a few second before half time another disallowed goal by the same AR1, this time absolutely correct.

  14. Very lenient refereeing by Skomina in ROU-POL. Instead of easy cards he chose managing situations in which he was really consistent. Great verbal warning in 4' (dissent, ROU) - a perfect example how to kick such behaviours out of the game. Another verbal warnings for SPA-like fouls were issued in 7' (ROU) and 19' (ROU). There were several small foul by POL #3 and he got his warning too in 26'. Skomina missed his another small foul in 39' what should have been a yellow card for persistent infringing the LoTG. There was an illegal use of arms by Lewandowski in 45' but also in this situation Skomina did not book the player.

    All in all, great use of soft skills. What is the most important, Skomina was very consistent in applying verbal warnings through the first half. In addition, he was clearly searching advantages, hence some fouls were whistled after realising there is really no chance to play it.

  15. Bad behaviour from Romanian fans,they threw a firecracker on Polish player,they were also throwing firecrackers whole match,and also they threw some flares too...

  16. Skomina was calm, unobtrusive through the whole game. There were three minor penalty appeals from Romanian side, all rather rightly turned down by Skomina (49', 68' x2). Correct penalty for a foul on Lewandowski in 90'. Dissents were not allowed, one Romanian substitute player was cautioned for approaching AR1 after second penalty appeal (68'). Very good performance by Skomina, 8,4 or 8,5 will be the mark. Assistants were not challenged. Well done!

  17. Did Cakir miss a penalty to SCO in the ENG-SCO game?

    1. If you mean the same situation I watched (in second half), the foul was perhaps outside the box, but indeed a missed foul.

  18. France 2-1 looks like offside.

    1. Small, small offside.
      Can't blame the assistant referee for that. Smaller offside then ESP-TUR situation on EURO.

    2. According to the swedish players Mazic said that it was a shot and therefore they didn't whistle.

    3. I really hope it is a lie. Very likely a lie by the player since the rest of the things they said on the news is bonkers.

    4. I used a perspective warp in CC to get better angle.

    5. Wow, great work, thanks!

      I think it's not a really big mistake, one can forgive it. Of course, it's borderline to crucial mistake but I wouldn't give 7.9 for that.

    6. No crucial mistake for me, offside is almost impossible to detect.

    7. 5-10 cms offside, maximum. +/- 0 in the assessment.

    8. what has been overlooked is that the AR is not in the correct position to see this 'small' offside; he was lagging behind and was not perpendicular to the last defender; this is a clear mistake and must be reflected in the evaluation; also, often we talk about a 'crucial mistake' even when it does not affect the result; here it was the game-deciding 'goal'...

    9. The big issue here is his bad position. How can a pre-selected AR has such a bad position which was normally see on amateur matches? So I think a 7.9 is justified.

    10. I don't know whether we can blame an assistant referee for having his head 20 cms wrongly positioned in a speedful action. We are no robots, and same goes for ARs who have been put on a pre-list. Would not describe it as amateur-like at any rate.

      But for sure, you are right, if a referee observer spots a tight offside he will have to consider the question whether missing it could have been avoided.

      If we imagine that he had been in the 100% correct position, even in that case he could have had doubts. If he had let the flag down, I guess most observers would defend him as the benefit of the doubt has to go to the attacker.

    11. this is the whole point! if he had been in the correct position, then one could accept the decision not to raise the flag,even if videos and photos show something else; (it is the same thing as when the referee is in the right or wrong position for foul detection); ARs are sometimes physically or mentally not ready to be in line with the last defender; it is not always realistic, because they are not 'robots', but that is the most critical part of their job! so then it seems that video review should be used at this high level of competition in those few cases which involve tight offside situationss and the issue is allowing or disallowing a goal!

    12. AR's are only humans and we are limited species. Now with all the technology we can replace AR's with a computer robots and all offsides will be perfect like in video games. Or maybe we can do like american "football". Stop the game to make a good call, while spectators can see some commercials :) But that is not the spirit of this game. So, let's support all referees if they are honestly committed to the job they are doing.

    13. I am not saying that we should use technology for such incidents. But expectations on this level are much higher. That's why I said that his position looked like amateur level. Most AR's have the tendency to be 1m in front of the 2nd last defender. But, yes, if he was on the proper position, a NO FLAG would be absolutely accepted.

  19. OT : please see penalty awarded by Ghana FIFA ref Joseph Lemptey during AFS - SEN (World Cup eliminatories), with "help" of words for this kind of decision...


    2. I can't relly comment on it.

  20. England - Scotland

    63rd minute

    1. For me a foul but rather outside.

      Another example that the attempt of a diagonal channel / positioning to the right of the field when play moves there has no real positive impact on the quality of decision-making. A bit more to the left and he would have most likely had a better angle.

    2. Yes, clearly a (very reckless) foul. In my opinion, the contact with SCO #10's left foot is made exactly on the line, so a penalty missed by Çakır...

    3. I really cannot make a judgment - the pictures are, for me, not clear. Maybe that's also why Cakir did not whistle... play-on is more comfortable than the decision free-kick vs penalty in case of a whistle.

      Also here - how do video assistant referees decide in such cases?

  21. Two possible mistakes from Rochhi; First of all, he didn't give 2nd yellow to ISL #18 for dangerous play.And then few moments later, there was penalty appeal from Croatia beacause of possible handball from Iceland player in the box.

  22. Solid first half by Karasev in Vienna. One correct YC for Duffy, who fouled Janko several times by illegal using of his arms.

    Overall Karasev made a very attentive and preventiv impression to me. Another positiv point is his really good fitness, he is always near the action.

    I hope he cobtinues like that in the second half

    1. Any updates on Karasev performance?

    2. Solid performance.

    3. It was reported by an Italian commentator that Karasev missed a clear second YC to a player in second half. Unluckily I can't add more, did you notice that?

    4. Yes, Baumgartlinger fouled in a reckless manner a few minutes after he had been booked. For me, this was a clear YC. During the match i expected immediately that Karasev will send him off.

      Apart from that, a performance on expected level.

  23. Rochhi with a straight red to Perisic...To me , too harsh...

    1. Very interesting situation. I will try to post a video if possible.
      Generally, without a closer replay, I would tend to agree with you, perhaps too harsh, but I can't be sure about that. Ball was away, what we must analyze more deeply is the hitting point. If this is a step on foot, so clear YC and mistake by Rocchi, in case of different hitting point (ankle or upper part of the leg), the decision would be absolutely justified. However, I think replays wont help us.

    2. I found the video:
      Based on that, I think that the challenge is late and really reckless, but there isn't a real dangerous action on the opponent. I would say YC.
      Commentators reported that it looked more rough live than it really was, perhaps the perception deceived Rocchi. But for me, no RC.

    3. Crucial mistake - but I can understand why Rocchi gave it. From his position, it probably looked like a studs-tackle on the calf/ankle.

  24. Albania - Israel : Mark Borsch replaced Guido Kleve. I see now before the kick

  25. Correct penalty and RC for DOGSO by Aytekin. A pushing from behind, enough for whistling a foul, player was about to shot on goal from a short distance, right in front of the net.

  26. Mallenco with missed card for Wales #3, after dangerous foul.
    Serbian player was kicked in a head and he needed medical threatment for 3-4 minutes because whole face was covered with blood..


    2. At least YC was mandatory there. I can't believe Bale made complaints against Undiano, he was immediately booked for that.

    3. 68' Interesting situation.
      Missed deliberate handball from Allen? If yes, it should have been PK :)

    4. Undiano missed totally the touch, indeed he assigned a goal kick. But I'm not sure it was in the box. In case, free kick. Very difficult to detect and decide, I must be honest.

  27. Second straight RC in Albania - Israel and again penalty to Israel, following a very particular incident. Zahavi was asking for a penalty, he was faced by Berisha, Albanian keeper, who gave him a head butt when the ball was in play. Result? Penalty, of course. Reported by AR2. An absolutely correct decision, the previous contact was assessed as not enough by Aytekin.

    1. It was AR1, Borsch - isn't it?
      So far a very good performance by Aytekin and his team.

    2. You are right, my mistake. AR1 Borsch.

    3. I agree with both decisions, DOGSO in the 1st situation justified, pushing makes it red.
      The 2nd penalty appeal was rather a collision and crossed running paths than a careless trip IMO. The headbutt was not forceful, but absolutely enough for a red card and, of course, a penalty.

  28. Ukraine-Finland: Big mistake by De Souza (Min 76'), he missed penalty.


  29. Bebek with easy match,good performance from him with quite unusual and strange yc;Liechtenstein was losing 4-0,and their goalkeeper wasted time and he was booked for that.

  30. Generally a good 1st half by Anthony TAYLOR but his penalty decision in the 43rd minute (holding) was in my opinion a very harsh decision, not really matching his line the rest of the game. But I don't think it is a crucial mistake.

    1. The first goal was probably offside, but very close. (AR2)

    2. In fact I think the penalty decision is a correct one. Although the attacker goes down quite easily, the Dutch defender does grab him at the shoulder. Dumb defending action in my book.
      I do think that Taylor was too lenient by not issuing a YC for two "foot stamping" fouls of the home team, both around 28' minute.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Taylor penalty: a supportable call. Surely not a mistake, one can easy soft penalty, but there was a push from behind. Enough for a whistle: it started outside but the foul was inside, correct.

  33. Interesting penalty call by Maddenin favor of POR: the player fouled jumped trying to avoid the contact (tackle by Latvian defender). In case of no jump, the player from Portgual would have been definitely hurt by opponent. It was a very dangerous challenge. This penalty is therefore a correct decision, even though at first glance it can look like as it was nothing.

    Another note on Greece - Bosnia & Herzegovina: Eriksson seems to be in trouble, struggling for the control of this very tense game. I must be honest, so far I never watched again the old Swedish we knew. Perhaps, his time is over even in terms of not so strong motivations. But I of course wish to be wrong!

  34. AR2 flagged offside against Portugal on their own half....

    1. True but it wasn't a crucial mistake in my opinion as it was close.

  35. Good first half by Jonas Eriksson. His management is excellent. He correctly issued a verbal warning at the first strong tackle but then he was forced to issue 3 cautions within minutes (2 to BIH, 1 to GRE).

    AR2 with an EXCELLENT ONSIDE at 45+1'.

    1. It is very nice to read that, Edward. Perhaps my impressions were definitely wrong.

    2. Eriksson missed a clear penalty for Dzeko. Minute 60.

    3. Also 100% wrong throw in teqnique on the goal minute 95. His foot clearly lifted off the ground when he threw in the ball and a few seconds later the goal was scored. AR1 should have watched the throw in.

    4. About the 60' scene. The 1st replay gives the impression that the GK plays the ball. The second replay isn't clear. IMO it's a good call for play-on. Or at least acceptable. The GK has his hands near to his body and the contact with the attacker is pretty much inevitable.

      The match was very challenging for many reasons. But IMO Eriksson kept it under control. My only objection would be the low card number on the confrontation. #06 BIH was very lucky to get away without at least a caution.

    5. Don't look at the GKs hands. His foot clearly tackled Dzeko. It was a simple call. Eriksson have an advantage just prior and automatically have a corner instead of looking at the feet. It was a crucial mistake. Easy penalty.

  36. After all what happened in second half, "only" 5 minutes of added time seems to be a wrong choice. I would have added at least 7 minutes.
    The consultation between Eriksson, AR1 and AR2 took a very long time.

  37. Some intensive minutes for Erikssonaround 80', a mass confrontation after a play wich lead to 2 yellows and 2 red cards, i haven't seen the hole situation but it seems like Eriksson and his both AR's handed it good, they all took it easy and talked together afterwards before the cards was handled. Any thoughts on the situation and how Eriksson did?


    2. Here you can see a bit more:
      Yellow card for Dzeko justified (could have been red as well). I have not found the offence of Papadopolous yet, but of course there might have been something.

    3. Papadopolous was punnished for hitting the opponent with his head (6:35 right, next to the corner flag)

    4. About Papadopoulos, we can't be sure that the reason of straight red card was the previous incident during the confrontation. Indeed, if you look carefully the video posted by Philipp S (minute 03:10), the Greek tries to stop Eriksson's hand while he was issuing cards. Live, it was more clear, this video is not so good, but this can be the reason of RC if the previous behavior was not detected by Swedish crew. Something similar to Moen's incident, still RC, but less blatant than what the Finnish player did by grabbing the referee.
      At any rate, we can expect a very long ban for him.

    5. I can't really understand the criticism from Dzeko and the Bosinia headcoah, they are saying that the red card to Dzeko is completely wrong and that he shouldn't have been booked(from when can you pull an opponents pants down on purpose during the game whitout any punishment), Dzeko could have gotten a straight red in my opinion for the situation.

  38. Underneath some refereeing highlights of the Luxembourg vs. Netherlands World Cup Qualifier with Anthony Taylor as the man in charge.

    1. 26’-28’ Management between 26th and 28th minute

    2. 36’ Offside situation before 0-1 NET

    3. 43’ Penalty LUX en YC Brenet (NET)

    4. 51’ YC Bensi (LUX) after two-footed tackle on Brenet

    5. 60’ YC Blind (NET) after tackle on Bohnert

    6. 83’ Tackle Chanot (LUX) on Van Dijk

    7. 85’ Advantage situation

    1. For the 2nd link you posted did you think it was offside? It was very close though. I thought he was just off


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