November 18, 2016

Guess The Referee - Predict and Win the Referees for Matchday 5

Your chance to guess the referees who will take charge of the fifth matchday of UEFA Champions League - and to win a small prize sponsored by our partners Refsworld UK.

Please stay patient until Saturday to find the updated lists and rankings (for matchday 4 check the last post).

Lucco81 12*
Kohagen 10
Ref Copenhagen 10
Chefren 9
fpalmieri57 9
Philipp S 9
Soham 9
david02 7
FormerRefCvS 7
Niclas 7
CristiRef 6
Marvin Becker 6
mithatakcay 6
ref_ref 6
George 5
Andrei Daniel Sipos 4
Timo van der velden 4
Frikandel98 3
markoni 40 3
paul 3
RikB 3
Ref_1707 2
Jekl 1
Neil 1
Xavieralzina 1
juhasz0221 0
Lukas 0
parchi 0

*not interested in the prize


  1. Some interesting observers.

    1. We have several committee's members! It will be a very interesting matchday to be watched. We can expect some debuts as well, but I wouldn't write more because there is the game :)
      Even Mr. Elleray is back after a certain absence.

    2. But some of them are in matches, which are quite important, so not really a place for experiments.

    3. I think we can expect debuts in Borussia Dortmund - Legia Warszawa and Atlético Madrid - PSV Eindhoven. Both games are similar: home-teams have already qualified for KO stage and the away-teams can reach only third place for Europa League. There are many points of difference on the standings between them.

    4. Ludogorets Razgrad - Basel and Rostov - Bayern could be other games for a debut, but the observers seem to indicate different choices: let's see.

  2. Predictions:
    CSKA-Leverkusen, Kruzliak
    Monaco-Tottenham, Kuipers
    Sporting-Real, Rocchi
    Dortmund-Legia, Johannesson
    Leicester-Brujas, Matéu
    Zagreb-Lyon, Aytekin
    Sevilla-Juventus, Hategan
    Arsenal-PSG, Marciniak
    Ludogorets-Basel, Bognar
    Napoli-D.Kiev, Atkinson
    Besiktas-Benfica, Oliver
    Mönchengladbach-City, Turpin
    Celtic-FC Barcelona, Kralovec
    Rostov-Bayern, Rizzoli
    A.Madrid-PSV, Skomina

    1. Regarding the current standing in Group A, I doubt that Arsenal FC - Paris SG requires a referee like Szymon Marciniak. Also observer Konrad Plautz rather indicates a "promising referee" (in my opinion).

  3. An interesting video by FIFATV about the VAR in Italy - Germany.

    1. Götze did not say, what is written in the subtitles :D
      My translation would be:
      "I think, using the technology is sensible, because then you cannot take wrong decisions anymore. You can take your time to correct things, which makes the game and situations, where a lot is at stake, fairer. And I think it's a big advantage for both teams."
      Not relevant for refereeing, but still strange by FIFA.

  4. Kassai had yesterday a very hot game with 4 penalty and 2 red card. What do you think?
    1:09 first penalty
    2:18 first red card
    3:00 second penalty
    3:35 third penalt and second red card
    4:38 fourth penalty

    1. I think, all calls are at least supportable. The first and fourth penalty are 50:50 situations IMO, decision should als depend on general approach in the match. The first penalty was maybe even DOGSO, when you give it.
      For the second red card, the conduct seemed not too violent, so YC might have been enough.


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