August 24, 2016

Becoming a "More Complete" Referee at Tournaments Abroad - Interview with Referee Director Daniele Curcio

When Mark Clattenburg blew the final whistle in Saint-Denis’ EURO 2016 Final between Portugal and France, he concluded what can be seen as the most successful tournament in terms of refereeing in recent history. Participating in such international tournaments as a referee or referee observer is only possible for FIFA match officials or international referee observers - at least that's what you might have thought until now. 

Leading the teams out like the pros: That is possible at Tournaments Abroad

In fact, there are opportunities to join such events yourself: After the 25th team finished their job at France’s European Championship in the North of Paris, another refereeing team just gathered to take up their duties: The Paris World Cup 2016 was about to commence at the morning after the EURO final – with many young and talented match officials eagerly waiting for their opportunity to collect international experience and to apply the lessons learnt from UEFA’s top-flight officials.

Along with the famous “Ibercup”, the Paris World Cup is only one of many international refereeing opportunities organized by “Tournaments Abroad”. We talked with the organization’s director Daniele Curcio!

The 3rd Team: As the person who is in charge of coaching, appointing and assessing the referees officiating at your tournaments, you are doing a job similar to UEFA’s triumvirate “Collina-Batta-Dallas”, aren’t you?

Daniele Curcio: While this comparison honours me, we are far from that. First of all we work with referees who are very young, and still at the beginning of their referee careers. While we hope that many of them will make it to the top and will be able to work with the “big trio”, we are aware this is far from a given conclusion.

What was the idea behind “Tournaments Abroad”?

As many other things, I must admit the entire project behind “Tournaments Abroad” started almost by chance. It was 2005 and I had been a referee for the past two years when I heard the story of a friend of mine, who lived nearby, who was a football player and went to play a youth tournament in Denmark: The Dana Cup. He mentioned to me of what a great experience it’d been and that the tournament was accepting referees from all over the World. I then applied to go one year later, to the same tournament and a few others that I had read about on the internet, and off I went, as a single referee, to officiate in international tournaments. Things then started to develop, tournaments got bigger and wanted more and more foreign referees to attend, and this is where TA was born. A young Italian referee from the small city of Brescia, had become the director of a network of referees hailing from more than 20 different nations. Something that, in all honesty, I would have never expected.

As indicated, the Paris World Cup is by far not the only competition you are supervising. What other refereeing events do you organize and which referees usually participate in them?

Over the past few years we have worked with a number of different international tournaments. I could mention many, in many different countries, however I believe those we are better known for are the Ibercup tournament series and the Paris World Cup. The IberCup started in 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal (and was then named the Lisboa Cup), but has since developed into the World’s biggest network of international youth tournaments, with events in Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Poland, the USA and Japan. It is a very attractive tournament for players and referees alike, as the quality of football played there is very high, and the tournament itself sees the participation of many of Europe’s top football academies. The Paris World Cup is instead France’s biggest youth football events and, as the name suggests, takes place every summer in the French capital. It started only in 2014, and is since still developing. However, in my personal opinion, its potential is enormous.

The age, level and experience of our officials varies greatly according to whether they take part to “ordinary” or “development” tournaments. As a general rule though, the average age of our referees is quite low (around 20-21). Many federations in fact decide to send to our tournaments their “up and coming” officials, as they believe they could be the ones who benefit the most from these experiences. But we also like our more mature and experienced officials who can offer great support to the younger referees, by coaching and mentoring them during the tournaments.

Seminar held at the IberCup

In terms of nationality, over the past few years we’ve enjoyed the participation of referees from around 50 different nations, mostly European but also from the USA, Canada, Venezuela, China, Australia, Algeria, New Zealand, Pakistan and Uganda. I am proud to say that “Tournaments Abroad” has now become a really global brand and that every year many new federations and referees from all over the world express their interest in working with us. If you then ask me about the countries that are usually “the most represented” I must say England and the Netherlands. They send the bigger groups year after year, but we can count also on a number of other “regular guests”.

Obviously, there seem to be many different types, many different personalities and many different nations represented in the referee teams you are managing. Is that form of diversity a special challenge for you, e.g. with regard to establishing a uniform and predictable line of refereeing from one match to the other?

It definitely can be especially when, in most cases, you work with these officials only for a week every year. However, we do not pretend to be able to necessary establish a uniform line of refereeing, as we do not intend to interfere with the work each federation does, rather we just want to offer all officials an extra opportunity to implement what their coaches and mentors teach them back home, every week and month.

Many of these young officials don’t have the opportunity of refereeing international football in their home countries and, unless they reach FIFA, never will be able to do so; by offering them such opportunity we believe we contribute in creating “more complete” officials, and this goes to the benefit not only of the referees, but also of their federations. And what a better way to do so then offering them exposure to foreign teams, foreign colleagues and great former and current international referees and instructors?

What conditions do you offer for referees and referee observers?

This depends on the tournament they decide to attend, in most cases referees and observers are offered free accommodation, local transport and meals with the only expense they (or their federations) need to cover being the travel costs from the country of origin to the country the tournament is played in. However conditions may differ according to the event, the time of the year or the experience each referee or observer has.

How are the match officials coached and assessed, how do they get feedback on their performance?

All the tournaments we work with, which in number exceed 40 events per year, are divided into three main categories which we call Ordinary, Development and Elite. While “ordinary” tournaments are open to any referee to attend, “development” tournaments (such as the Ibercup or Paris World Cup) are reserved to young up-and-coming referees who have a particularly keen interest in developing their referee skills, and become better officials. Finally the “elite” tournaments are small, professional teams only, events whose attendance is strictly reserved to referees who excel in other tournaments.

UEFA Referee Observer Peter Fröjdfeldt supporting the referee team

In all “development” tournaments we offer what we call “Tournaments Abroad” assessing and coaching scheme. Every referee (and almost every match) is watched by qualified assessors and observers who offer the referees advice on how to improve their performance, while giving the referee committee information on each referee’s qualities and skills, so that only the best are appointed to the finals. All assessments are based on the internationally recognized UEFA assessment scheme, so that whatever information we are able to get, can be useful also for each referee’s home association, should they want to consider it.

"By offering them such opportunity we believe 
we contribute in creating 'more complete' officials"

You receive support from highly qualified referees and referee observers at some of your tournaments – last year, Mark Clattenburg visited your refereeing squad at IberCup in Spain…

Yes, over the last few years many current and former FIFA and UEFA officials have honoured us with their presence. Their support means a lot to us, and the feedback they can offer to our young officials is invaluable.

As you mentioned, Champions League and Euro Cup final referee Mark Clattenburg, has taken part to last year’s edition of the Ibercup Costa del Sol in Malaga, Spain. During his time there, he both refereed a few games (allowing us to make some young referees run his line, what an experience for them!), and had a Question & Answer Session with all the participating officials. We really hope he will be able to come back to our tournaments very soon, and has since expressed his interest in doing so multiple times.

Mark Clattenburg (2nd l.) visiting Daniele Curcio (2nd r.) and colleagues

Besides Clattenburg though, many other referees and observers have taken part to our tournaments. I’d like to mention in particular some of UEFA’s most experienced referee observers, who have come to assess the referees’ performances and offer them advice. Among them are former UEFA Referee Committee Vice-chairman Jozef Marko from Slovakia and UEFA referee observers Peter Fröjdfeldt (Sweden), Alan Snoddy (Northern Ireland), Konrad Plautz (Austria), Michel Vautrot (France) and Vladimir Medved (Slovakia). Other currently active referees who have taken part in the past are FIFA officials Danny Makkelie (Netherlands), Istvan Vad (Hungary) and Bobby Madley (England). Finally how not to mention current PGMOL coach Eddie Wolstenholme, the referee of the well-known English match nicknamed as the “Battle of Bramall Street”.

In future, there will be a partnership between Tournaments Abroad and The3rdTeam as part of a referee academy that is planned for 2017 or 2018. Can you tell us more about that and your general goals for the future?

In terms of our future plans, we are aiming at finding new events which are interested in implementing a referee development scheme and are currently in talks with a few of them, both in Europe and beyond. Although it is still a very broad idea, we are thinking of the possibility of creating an international inter-tournament referee academy which could be both real-life-based and web-based. This would consist in having a network of a certain number of young referees who work together year-round, mostly on-line, and get preparatory input to then meet 1-2 times every year at different tournaments where they’ll be able to experience tournament football, be assessed by qualified observers but also receive mentoring and coaching in their free time. We are currently securing deals with a number of organizations and coaches (like The3rdTeam) who would like to support that idea – in other words: Our goal is to bring together the “best” of different organizations to create some tangible refereeing project.

If you sum it up, what are the biggest benefits that young and talented referees draw from participating in these international refereeing opportunities? And how does refereeing as a whole profit?

The possibility of refereeing teams from other countries, each with its different style of playing football, contributes to creating more mature, complete officials; referees who are able to officiate any game, and any team they may find in front of them. At the same time, the possibility of working with fellow referees from other countries allows our young officials not only to make new friends in the footballing and refereeing world, but also to share experiences, improve their language skills and much more. I believe that all the refereeing world, starting from the federations each officials belong to, have to gain from such an activity.

Impressions from IberCup

In the past weeks, we roughly discussed the opportunity that some The 3rd Team Referee Observers including our observer Edward and myself participate in one or the other of your 2017 tournaments. If our readers are interested in joining the tournament as referees or assessors themselves, too, how can they apply?

Any referee or observer who is interested in attending is of course more than welcome to do so. Applications for our 2017 tournaments will be opening shortly (around the beginning of September) on our website, however, while applications may currently be closed while we finalize details for the coming year, “Tournaments Abroad” is open year-round. This means you can contact us anytime either by sending us an email to or by sending us a private message on our official Facebook page.
We really hope to see many of you at one or more of our tournaments next year!

Contact Opportunities

Tournaments Abroad or directly send a message to Daniele Curcio


  1. Early CL predictions
    Basel-Ludogorets: Makkelie
    Paris-Arsenal: Kuipers
    Benfica-Besiktas: Turpin
    Dynamo-Napoli: Moen
    Barcelona-Celtic: Rocchi
    ManCity-Gladbach: Soares Dias
    Eindhoven-Atletico: Hategan
    Bayern-Rostov: Taylor
    Tottenham-Monaco: Mateu
    Leverkusen-CSKA: Eriksson
    Madrid-Sporting: Rizzoli
    Legia-Dortmund: Thomson
    Porto-Copenhagen: Skomina
    Brugge-Leicester: Kassai
    Juventus-Sevilla: Brych
    Lyon-Zagreb: Kralovec

    1. Nice predictions. I'm very curious about Soares Dias, I also think he will get CL but perhaps a "minor" game. Moen again with Napoli vs Ukrainian team shouldn't be possible after 2015 EL semifinal.
      The rest seems reasonable... however in this group stage we will have many top clashes, I can't wait for the first appointments!

    2. My names for MD1:

      Basel-Ludogorets: Aytekin
      PSG-Arsenal: Mazic
      Benfica-Besiktas: Hategan
      Dynamo-Napoli: Mateu Lahoz
      Barcelona-Celtic: Orsato
      ManCity-Gladbach: Rocchi
      Eindhoven-Atletico: Kassai
      Bayern-Rostov: Soares Dias
      Tottenham-Monaco: Kuipers
      Leverkusen-CSKA: Skomina
      Real Madrid-Sporting: Královec
      Legia-Dortmund: Thomson
      Porto-Copenhagen: Buquet
      Brugge-Leicester: Fernández Borbalán
      Juventus-Sevilla: Karasev
      Lyon-Zagreb: Moen

    3. My predictions:

      A) Basel - Ludogorets: Thomson (SCO)
      A) Paris - Arsenal: Kuipers (NED)
      B) Benfica - Besiktas: Undiano Mallenco (ESP)
      B) Kyiv - Napoli: Mateu Lahoz (ESP)
      C) Barcelona - Celtic: Královec (CZE)
      C) City - M'gladbach: Hategan (ROU)
      D) Eindhoven - Atlético: Atkinson (ENG)
      D) Bayern - Rostov: Buquet (FRA)
      E) Tottenham - Monaco: Rocchi (ITA)
      E) Leverkusen - Moscow: Orsato (ITA)
      F) Legia - Dortmund: Turpin (FRA)
      F) Real - Sporting: Karasev (RUS)
      G) Brugge - Leicester: Soares Dias (POR)
      G) Porto - Copenhague: Sidiropoulos (GRE)
      H) Juventus - Sevilla: Cakir (TUR)
      H) Lyon - Zagreb: Taylor (ENG)

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I guess that Kulbakov, Makkelie, Jug, Taylor, Soares Dias, Buquet, maybe again Zwayer and Strömbergsson will get their game(s) but I would like to see also tests/games for Madden, Aranovskiy, Zelinka, Vad, Estrada Fernandez, Delferière, Drachta, Lechner, Kehlet, Kruzliak or Oliver (or deservedly Sousa). Very difficult in reference to many top high profile clashes. A possible handling: less games for every referee [(usual for some Elite Group refs (Tagliavento/Borbalán/Undiano Mallenco/Thomson...or regarding to a possible demotion?) or depending on performances (Cakir/Collum/Moen)]; most chances in the groups A, D and G, I think, or decided ones in the other groups.

    6. Or looking at the EL very good tests/games for candidates or exchanges with Elte Group refs could be arise in the group A (E, G, H).

  2. A) Basel - Ludogorets: TAGLIAVENTO (ITA)
    A) Paris - Arsenal: KASSAI (ITA)
    B) Benfica - Besiktas: STRÖMBERGSSON (SWE)
    B) Kyiv - Napoli: THOMSON (SCO)
    C) Barcelona - Celtic: TURPIN (FRA)
    C) City - M'gladbach: MARCINIAK (POL)
    D) Eindhoven - Atlético: COLLUM (SCO)
    D) Bayern - Rostov: TAYLOR (ENG)
    E) Tottenham - Monaco: NIJHUIS (NED)
    E) Leverkusen - Moscow: VAD (HUN)
    F) Legia - Dortmund: ERIKSSON (SWE)
    F) Real - Sporting: ATKINSON (ENG)
    G) Brugge - Leicester: UNDIANO MALLENCO (ESP)
    G) Porto - Copenhague: ORSATO (ITA)
    H) Juventus - Sevilla: CLATTENBURG (ENG)
    H) Lyon - Zagreb: AYTEKIN (GER)

    EL Predictions will follow soon.

    1. UEFA Europa League, Matchday 1:

      A) Feyenoord - ManUtd: BUQUET (FRA)
      A) Zorya Luhansk - Fenerbahce: WELZ (GER)
      B) Young Boys - Olympiacos: KEHLET (DEN)
      B) APOEL - Astana: ZELINKA (CZE)
      C) Mainz - St Etienne: GIL (POL)
      C) Anderlecht - Qäbälä: MAZZOLENI (ITA)
      D) Alkmaar - Dundalk: ESKOV (RUS)
      D) Maccabi Tel Aviv - Zenit: MOEN (NOR)
      E) Viktoria Plzen - Roma: VAD (HUN)
      E) Astra Giurgiu - Austria Wien: GÖCEK (TUR)
      F) Rapid Wien - Genk: MARRINER (ENG)
      F) Sassuolo - Atletic Bilbao: GÖZÜBÜYÜK (NED)
      G) Standard Liege - Celta Vigo: DRACHTA (AUT)
      G) Panathinaikos - Ajax: FERNANDEZ BORBALAN (ESP)
      H) Konyaspor - Shakhtar Donetsk: JUG (SVN)
      H) Braga - Gent: EKBERG (SWE)
      I) Salzburg - Krasnodar: HUNTER (NIR)
      I) Nice - Schalke: MAKKELIE (NED)
      J) Qarabag - Slovan Liberec: LIANY (ISR)
      J) PAOK - Fiorentina: ZWAYER (GER)
      K) Inter Milano - Hapoel Beer-Sheva: VINCIC (SVN)
      K) Southampton - Sparta Praha: SCHÖRGENHOFER (AUT)
      L) Osmanlispor - Steaua Bucuresti: TOHVER (EST)
      L) Villareal - FC Zürich: BEATON (SCO)

  3. My predection for WCQ

    1. My CL predection
      A) Basel - Ludogorets: Felix Zwayer (GER)
      A) Paris - Arsenal: Cüneyt Cakir (TUR)
      B) Benfica - Besiktas: Danny Makkeile (NED)
      B) Kyiv - Napoli: Bas Nijhuis (NED)
      C) Barcelona - Celtic: Anastosis Sidiropoulos (GRE)
      C) City - M'gladbach: Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
      D) Eindhoven - Atlético: William Collum (SCO)
      D) Bayern - Rostov Clément Turpin (FRA)
      E) Tottenham - Monaco Pavel Královec (CZE)
      E) Leverkusen - Moscow: Soares Días (POR)
      F) Legia - Dortmund: Alexey Kulbakov (BLR)
      F) Real - Sporting: Damir Skomina (SVN)
      G) Brugge - Leicester: Jesús Gil Manzano (ESP)
      G) Porto - Copenhague: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
      H) Juventus - Sevilla: Viktor Kassai (HUN)
      H) Lyon - Zagreb: Pawel Gil (POL)

    2. Mine for the qualifiers:
      SVK-ENG Mazic
      LTH-SLO Zelinka
      DEN-ARM Mazeika
      KAZ-POL Kralovec
      SMR-AZE Kehlet
      CZE-NIR Tagliavento
      NOR-GER Rocchi
      ROU-MON Sidiropolous
      MLT-SCO Stavrev
      GEO-AUT Kruzliak
      SRB-IRL Kassai
      WAL-MDA Boiko
      ESP-LIE Gil
      ALB-MKD Kovacs
      ISR-ITA Atkinson
      FIN-KOS Stieler
      CRO-TUR Marciniak
      UKR-ICE Brych
      CYP-BEL Borbalan
      BHR-EST Buquet
      FRO-HUN Taylor
      SUI-POR Cakir
      AND-LAT Marriner
      SWE-NED Hategan
      BUL-LUX Özkahya
      BLR-FRA Moen
      GIB-GRE Bastien

    3. MY prediction for MD1 and MD2 Uefa CL matches: I've considered all Elite referees and talent 1st class like as Estrada Fernandez, Zwayer, Makkelie, Buquet and Soares Dias: Do you see any crucial mistakes on my appointments ?

      A) Basel - Ludogorets: R. BUQUET
      A) Paris - Arsenal: V. KASSAI
      B) Benfica - Besiktas: A. UNDIANO MALLENCO
      B) Kyiv - Napoli: D. AYTEKIN
      C) Barcelona - Celtic: D. ORSATO
      C) City - M'gladbach: G. ROCCHI
      D) PSV - Atlético: D. SKOMINA
      D) Bayern - Rostov A. SOARES DIAS
      E) Tottenham - Monaco S. MARCINIAK
      E) Leverkusen - Moscow: C. THOMSON
      F) Legia - Dortmund: M. ATKINSON
      F) Real - Sporting: N. RIZZOLI
      G) Brugge - Leicester: C. FERNANDEZ BORBALAN
      G) Porto - Copenhague: M. ESTRADA FERNANDEZ
      H) Juventus - Sevilla: B. KUIPERS
      H) Lyon - Zagreb: B. NIHUJIS


      A) Ludogorets- PSG: T. SIDIROPOLUS
      A) Arsenal - Basel: D. MAKKELIE
      B) Besiktas - Dynamo Kiey: D. COLLUM
      B) Napoli - Benfica: M. CLATTEMBURG
      C) Celtic - M. City: M. MAZIC
      C) M'gladbach - Barcelona: S. KARASEV
      D) Atlético - Bayern Munchen: C. CAKIR
      D) Rostov - PSV: T. H. MOEN
      E) Monaco - Leverkusen: A. MATEU LAHOZ
      E) Moscow - Totthenam: O. HATEGAN
      F) Dortmund - Real Madrid: P. KRALOVEC
      F) Sporting - Legia W.: C. TURPIN
      G) Leicester - Porto: J. ERIKSSON
      G) Copenhaghen - BRUGGE: P. TAGLIAVENTO
      H) Sevilla - Lyon: F. BRYCH
      H) Zagreb - Juventus: F. ZWAYER

    4. Sorry some few mistakes on first name; Moen is Sven Odd and Collum is William

    5. Svein Oddvar, to be precise ;)

  4. Björn Kuipers has been appointed for Italy - France, friendly on 01/09.
    In this game, Video Assistant Referee will be used, as test, but offline (the game wont be interrupted). Kuipers will be directly informed about possible crucial decisions to be taken.
    Busacca and Infantino will be on stands, as well as some IFAB members.


    1. One important match for Kuipers to cement his place for WC 2018! This perhaps is a proof that Kuipers is trusted in the FIFA circuit and also by Busacca! Great appointment for him!

    2. Chefren do you know where the match will take place?

    3. Bari, San Nicola stadium.

  5. Dingert with a "soft" penalty call in favor of Bayern:

    1. Would you say soft or wrong, i.e. 7,9 or not?
      I am not sure...

    2. Clear penalty for me.

    3. Clearly no penalty for me and a crucial mistake. It neither suited to his line nor was it an infringement (otherwise the Nishimura penalty was correct as well).

    4. Not every contact has to be punished with a DFK or even a penalty - in this case there is a slight contact that is used by Rafinha to go to ground. Indeed nothing punishable and therefore crucial mistake by Dingert in my opinion.

    5. I have to watch the whole match, to see referee's criteria for foul evaluation. But I'm closer to Niclas's opinion than Chefren's.

    6. The player won the position and is pulled from behind. It's a foul.

    7. Penalty indisputable. Please...
      There is a throw to Rafinha.
      Pulling a player left to be punished?

    8. A matter of perception. The player won the position, felt a hand on his shoulder and went to ground. Is that a foul? For me not. DFB's view is clear on penalties: Only give 110% clear ones.


  6. Too cards in Tottenham-Liverpool. Madley don´t leave
    play football.

  7. These would be my appointments (not predictions):

    MD 1

    PSG-Arsenal: Szymon MARCINIAK
    Basel - Ludogorets Razgrad: Artur SOARES DIAS

    Benfica - Besiktas: Ovidiu ALIN HATEGAN
    Dynamo Kyiv - Napoli: Clément TURPIN

    Barcelona - Celtic: Paolo TAGLIAVENTO
    Manchester City - Borussia M'gladbach: Viktor KASSAI

    Bayern - Rostov: Mark CLATTENBURG
    PSV - Atlético Madrid: Gianluca ROCCHI

    Bayer Leverkusen - CSKA Moskva: Alberto UNDIANO MALLENCO
    Tottenham - Monaco: Tasos SIDIROPOULOS

    Real Madrid - Sporting: Aleksei KULBAKOV
    Legia Warszawa - Borussia Dortmund: Martin ATKINSON

    FC Porto - FC Kobenhavn: David FERNÁNDEZ BORBALÁN
    Club Brugge - Leicester City: Deniz AYTEKIN

    Juventus - Sevilla: Björn KUIPERS
    Lyon - Dinamo Zagreb: Sergei KARASEV

    MD 2

    Arsenal - Basel: Daniele ORSATO
    Ludogorets Razgrad - PSG: Felix BRYCH

    Napoli - Benfica: Craig THOMSON
    Besiktas - Dynamo Kyiv: William COLLUM

    Borussia M'gladbach - Barcelona: Pavel KRÁLOVEC
    Celtic - Manchester City: Cüneyt ÇAKIR

    Atlético Madrid - Bayern: Damir SKOMINA
    Rostov - PSV: Arnold HUNTER

    CSKA Moskva - Tottenham: Milorad MAZIC
    Monaco - Bayer Leverkusen: Antonio MATEU LAHOZ

    Borussia Dortmund - Real Madrid: Nicola RIZZOLI
    Sporting - Legia Warszawa: Bas NIJHUIS

    Leicester City - FC Porto: Jonas ERIKSSON
    FC Kobenhavn - Club Brugge: Harald LECHNER

    Dinamo Zagreb - Juventus: Svein ODDVAR MOEN
    Sevilla - Lyon: Sébastien DELFERIÈRE

  8. Penalty kick given on Matchday Three of the Premier League by former UEFA First Category referee Mike Dean. What do you think?
    Sorry for the poor quality

    1. Based on the quality I would understand if this is whistled at U11 level. But above that?

      BTW On Dean: (my opinion would be like his move at 0:31).

    2. Never say things out loud when you do not have all the angles - 2.00

    3. Well seen then. Based on that quality, good call.

  9. A very interesting situation with regard to offside law occurred in the Real Madrid - Celta de Vigo game:

    1. He interfered with his opponent, in my view.

    2. There are arguments for both. One can say the attacker in an offside position did nothing and it was the defender who decided to fight with him. Difficult scene.

    3. If you see it like that, I could agree. For me, the attacking player does not do nothing though (he rather walks towards the ball a bit and very slightly approaches him and then collides with the defender - impedes his defending action).
      At any rate, not easy for the AR.

  10. FIFA WC qualifiers

    4/09 Kazakhstan - Poland
    Serdar Gözübüyük - Bas van Dongen, Patrick Langkamp - Kevin Blom (Netherlands)


  11. Friendlies

    31/08 Turkey - Russia
    Damir Skomina - Jure Praprotnik, Robert Vukan (SVN)

    01/09 Portugal - Gibraltar
    Erez Papir - Roy Hassan, Mahmud Mahagna (ISR) - João Pinheiro (POR)

    06/09 Russia - Ghana
    Əliyar Ağayev - Zeynal Zeynalov, Rza Məmmədov (AZE)

    1. Thank you, a post will follow soon, perhaps tomorrow.

  12. OT
    Chefren, Niclas, Edward or other reader of this blog: Does anyone know who the UEFA supervisors of referees by country?

    Bulgaria and Belgium is Mr. Batta.

    1. I know that Hugh Dallas is in Cyprus.

    2. Thanks!
      This information is not public, right?

    3. Pierluigi Collina (with Luciano Luci) in Ukraine and Roberto Rosetti in Turkey (he replaced Jaap Uilenberg).

    4. Thanks, RayHD!

  13. When the expected publication of the names of referee for WCQ?


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