July 5, 2016

(U)19 Match Officials appointed by UEFA: Referees for Under-19 EURO 2016 in Germany are ready

Originally posted on 14 May 2016

The 3rd Team is pleased to announce that UEFA has chosen 19 match officials to attend their Under-19 EURO 2016 to be played in Germany from 11 to 24 July. All referees appointed belong to UEFA's Second Group. Check the tournament's schedule on uefa.com.

The following match officials have been selected to attend the UEFA Under-19 European Championship Finals 2016 in Germany:


Aliyar Aghayev - Azerbaijan - 17/10/1987
Alejandro José Hernández Hernández - Spain - 10/11/1982
Radu Marian Petrescu - Romania - 12/11/1982
Roi Reinshreiber - Israel - 28/06/1980
Bart Vertenten - Belgium - 13/05/1988
Anatolii Zhabchenko - Ukraine - 23/02/1979

Assistant Referees:

Ridiger Çokaj - Albania - 23/10/1984
Igor Demeshko - Russia - 11/08/1978
Milutin Djukić - Montenegro - 23/07/1979
Vladimir Gerasimov - Lithuania - 02/10/1987
Geir Oskar Isaksen - Norway - 14/04/1988
Douglas Ross - Scotland - 27/01/1983
Birkir Sigurdarsson - Iceland - 18/09/1985
Manuel Vidali - Slovenia - 19/07/1981

4th Officials:

Nikola Dabanović - Montenegro - 18/12/1981
Alan Mario Sant - Malta - 16/08/1980

Reserve Referee:

Bojan Pandžić - Sweden - 13/03/1982

Reserve Assistant Referees:

Sami Nykänen - Finland - 26/03/1984
Samat Tergeussizov - Kazakhstan - 11/10/1985

UEFA Referee Observers:

Emil Bozhinovski - Macedonia
Terje Hauge - Norway
Matteo Trefoloni - Italy
Kyros Vassaras - Greece (ref. committee)

UEFA Delegates:

Paul Lyon - Gibraltar - 1959
Rudolf Marxer - Liechtenstein - 1966
Armen Minasyan - Armenia - 1970
Rudolf Zavrl - Slovenia - 1949


  1. Bart Vertenten is one of Belgium's most talented referees and the youngest ref in UEFA's Second Group. Gains often praise from coaches and journalists for his performances in the domestic league. Curious to see how his European carreer will evolve!

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6hN_BGKGGM
      You should watch this

    2. Thanks RefRef, I already saw it.

      This one is quite interesting too: Alexandre Boucaut (for me also one of Belgiums better refs, born 1980) in in action during the Standard-Anderlecht game in 2012:


    3. Thanks FrederikH, I already saw it :)

    4. Is there any way I could watch the video about Bart Vertenten in English?

  2. Bart Vertenten is 28 years old, FIFA since 2014?
    WOW. Great future in front of him...

    1. And he really is an exellent referee. Great communication skills, excellent foul detection and application of the LOTG, etc. He already handled all the possible belgian top clashes, without any problem (and often with praise, as mentioned above).
      Hopefully we will be able to see some of the U19 games. Maybe on Eurosport?

    2. 16 of them will be shown on Eurosport as far as I know.

      Moreover, we will have some live observations for the semifinals. So I at least see 2 referee teams live and can unfold my impressions of them.

      It is quite clear, IMO, that the most experienced of these referees will handle the opener: Alejandro Hernández. 50.000 supporters are expected for the Germany-Italy clash in Stuttgart.

  3. Predictions MD1:

    GER - ITA
    Alejandro José Hernández Hernández (ESP)
    Douglas Ross (SCO) - Igor Demeshko (RUS)

    POR - AUT
    Aliyar Aghayev (AZE)
    Milutin Djukić (MNE) - Vladimir Gerasimov (LTU)

    CRO - NED
    Roi Reinshreiber (ISR)
    Ridiger Çokaj (ALB) - Birkir Sigurdarsson (ISL)

    FRA - ENG
    Radu Marian Petrescu (ROU)
    Manuel Vidali (SVN) - Geir Oskar Isaksen (NOR)

    1. Predictions/Gambling game:


      GER-ITA: Hernández (ESP), Djukić (MNE), Ross (SCO), Vertenten (BEL)

      POR-AUT: Petrescu (ROU), Gerasimov (LTU), Isaksen (NOR), Dabanović (MNE)

      CRO-NED: Reinshreiber (ISR), Demeshko (RUS), Sigurdarsson (ISL), Sant (MLT)

      FRA-ENG: Aghayev (AZE), Çokaj (ALB), Vidali (SVN), Zhabchenko (UKR)


      GER-POR: Vertenten (BEL), Sigurdarsson (ISL), Demeshko (RUS), Reinshreiber (ISR)

      ITA-AUT: Zhabchenko (UKR), Isaksen (NOR), Gerasimov (LTU), Sant (MLT)

      NED-ENG: Petrescu (ROU), Djukić (MNE), Vidali (SVN), Aghayev (AZE)

      CRO-FRA: Hernández (ESP), Ross (SCO), Çokaj (ALB), Dabanović (MNE)


      AUT-GER: Aghayev (AZE), Vidali (SVN), Çokaj (ALB), Dabanović (MNE)

      ITA-POR: Reinshreiber (ISR), Ross (SCO), Djukić (MNE), Hernández (ESP)

      NED-FRA: Zhabchenko (UKR), Demeshko (RUS), Isaksen (NOR), Petrescu (ROU)

      ENG-CRO: Vertenten (BEL), Sigurdarsson (ISL), Gerasimov (LTU), Sant (MLT)

    2. Actually I had already made predictions back in May and they are astonishingly quite similar to yours.

      GER-ITA: Vertenten, Demeshko, Ross, Sant
      POR-AUT: Petrescu, Sigurdarsson, Isaksen, Dabanovic
      CRO-NED: Reinshreiber, Gerasimov, Cokaj, Zhabchenko
      FRA-ENG: Aghayev, Vidali, Djukic, Hernandez

      GER-POR: Hernandez, Sigurdarsson, Vidali, Aghayev
      ITA-AUT: Zhabchenko, Isaksen, Djukic, Reinshreiber
      NED-ENG: Petrescu, Demeshko, Gerasimov, Dabanovic
      CRO-FRA: Vertenten, Ross, Cokaj, Sant

      AUT-GER: Aghayev, Ross, Demeshko, Petrescu
      ITA-POR: Reinshreiber, Gersimov, Cokaj, Vertenten
      NED-FRA: Hernandez, Sigurdarsson, Isaksen, Dabanovic
      ENG-CRO: Zhabchenko, Vidali, Djukic, Sant

  4. Referees for the first two games have been released.
    Appointments will be posted soon.
    Vassaras (GRE) is among the observers for this tournament as committee member.


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