September 3, 2013

Match Situations - Handball 4

This post is a part of the section in this blog called "Match Situations" that concentrates on specific match situations related to parts of the Laws of the Game, version 2013/14. Your participation is crucial to make this blog's element give some value for referees and football enthusiasts in general.

You can have your say by giving your assessment on these situations in form of a comment underneath the respective posts. These comments should include a precise assessment and an additional explanation that strengthens your view if needed. Directly quoting from the current version of the Laws of the Game can be useful in some cases.

Did the referee take the correct decision (no deliberate handball, no penalty?) in your opinion?

Match concerned: Zenit St. Petersburg 4:2 Paços de Ferreira (UCL)
Referee involved: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP)

The video placed here is only posted for educational reasons.


  1. For me the handball is not intentional.
    No penalty.

  2. Off topic

    there was a reader of this blog asking for the video in which Gautier was showing the YC then changing idea in Red.
    I have found it:
    even though not 100% complete, you see the YC (which never appeared on the official report, so a big, big mistake)

  3. The hand is in natural position during slide tackle. Defender can do nothing with his hand. Therefore, no deliberate (chargeable) handball and no penalty kick.

  4. Elite referees, ED and First Category have gathered in Nyon.

    There is a part of the speech PLC gave to them.

  5. Some may disagree with me but I believe this is a handball, penalty kick and YC to the defender for preventing the attacker from gaining possession. While the defender is going down to slide and block the pass, the defender has the choice of how to defend this and he decides to slide, which leaves his hand vulnerable.

  6. That's exactly the point of discussion, Johnny.
    Is this a natural hand position or a careless enlargement of the body's hit surface?

  7. Anonymous22/9/13 16:01

    i think it was a good decision of the referee. the hand of the defender was at a natural position and the ball hit the hand in high speed and minimum distance.


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