August 15, 2013

Match Situations - Handball 2

This post is a part of the section in this blog called "Match Situations" that concentrates on specific match situations related to parts of the Laws of the Game, version 2013/14. Your participation is crucial to make this blog's element give some value for referees and football enthusiasts in general.

You can have your say by giving your assessment on these situations in form of a comment underneath the respective posts. These comments should include a precise assessment and an additional explanation that strengthens your view if needed. Directly quoting from the current version of the Laws of the Game can be useful in some cases.


Penalty (deliberate handball) or No Penalty (no deliberate handball)?

You can also find a poll at the right top of the blog!

Match concerned: FC Schalke 04 3:3 Hamburger SV (Bundesliga)
Referee involved: Manuel Gräfe (GER)

The video placed here is only posted for educational reasons.


  1. Anonymous15/8/13 22:42

    No Penalty,no deliberate handball!

  2. Emil Archambault15/8/13 23:07

    It seems to me as a continuation of the running motion. The arm is in a fairly natural position, and the ball is fired from a short distance. Play on!

  3. I don't think it's natural move of hand. For me, the player deliberately increase a body volume by excessive 'waving'. He must be also aware of a potential cross that is easy to predict. As a result of this careless behaviour, player blocks a dangerous cross that probably would reach well positioned forward. Penalty, card is not necessary.

  4. Anonymous16/8/13 14:29

    Player increase a body volume.Penalty :)

  5. I would say a penalty kick. It seems the arm was looking for the ball, so it was deliberate play. One could say it was close distance, but I would like to add the shot/cross was not that strong, therefore the defender could have avoided handling the ball.

  6. No doubt about that. Penalty without card.

  7. Anonymous17/8/13 11:18

    the arm is in unnatural position, and the player is clearly increasing it's body volume. I would call a penalty without a card.


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