August 19, 2012

Significant novelties in UEFA Champions League refereeing

On the basis of sources and the UEFA Champions League Play-Off referee appointments that have been made public today, two significant novelties can be outlined.

UEFA's referee committee has obviously decided to appoint FIFA assistant referees for the task of the fourth official in matches where additional assistant referees are deployed. In case of an injured referee, the higher classified additional assistant referee will replace him.

Besides, it is the first time for years that UEFA has nominated an Elite Development referee to take control over a Champions League Play-Off. Marijo Strahonja (photo) of Croatia will oversee the important match between FC Kobenhavn (DEN) and OSC Lille (FRA). Based on other appointments in UEFA Europa League, it is quite probable that others will follow in tomorrow's appointments and next week. Probable bets are Tom Harald Hagen (NOR), Pavel Královec (CZE) and Milorad Mazic (SRB). These matches are mostly not the most sonorous ones, so that this decision appears logical. Nonetheless, specially last year's matches have remarkably shown their potentially high difficulty the officials have to cope with.


  1. The fact to put as fourth official an assistant referee is also a good thing for the federations without a high number of FIFA referees and so, having an important appointment in Champions League, they had always to appoint a NO FIFA referee as fourth official.
    An example could be Stavrev and his Macedonia

  2. Right, most of the countries have more FIFA ARs than FIFA refs, this should be the main reason. Furthermore, I recognized it myself when I made appts for myself, I wanted to appoint 5 English refs in the 2 weeks of EL and CL Play-Offs, but it was not possible, as one then requires 15 other referees, England do not have that many suitable refs..

  3. You are certainly right, Chefren. Also, if one of the ARs would have to be replaced, this will now be much easier. This change certainly makes sense (although I still would prefer an end to the AAR experiment).

  4. Anonymous19/8/12 15:16

    Mazic- CL play-off! The nomination came a two week ago in the Football Association of Serbia.

  5. As expected. His match should be BATE Kiryat, every other match would be a sensation.

  6. Anonymous19/8/12 15:47

    Let's wait. If you have looked at the Lviv Arena is not anything surprising. ;)

  7. Ciekawe zmiany FIFA-ASSITANT-FURTH-OFICAL i dotego sędzia bramkowy może zastąpić głównego wrazie kontuzji. Tyle że w takim przypadku jeden z sędziów bramkowych będzie mósiał być sędzią międzynarodowym bo wówczas sędzia który nie jest międzynarodowym niebędzie mógł zastąpić swego kolegi na boisku wrazie kontuzji

  8. Anonymous19/8/12 21:31

    I have got Good sources Niclas ;-)

    Best regards

    Benoît from France :-)


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