August 5, 2012

Olympia 2012 Referee Appointments (W) - Semifinals

06 August 2012

M23, SF1
18:00 CET, London (Wembley Stadium)
France - Japan
Referee: Quetzalli Alvarado (MEX)
Assistant Referee 1: Mayte Chavez (MEX)
Assistant Referee 2: Shirley Perello (HON)
Fourth Official: Jesica Di Iorio (ARG)
Reserve AR: Maria Rocco (ARG)
M24, SF2
20:45 CET, Manchester (Old Trafford)
Canada - USA
Referee: Christina Pedersen (NOR)
Assistant Referee 1: Hege Steinlund (NOR)
Assistant Referee 2: Lada Rojc (CRO)
Fourth Official: Hong Eun Ah (KOR)
Reserve AR: Sarah Ho (AUS)


  1. Heartbreaking to see the Canadian Women beat the Goliath U.S. Women's team, only to have it stolen away by shabby, incompetent refereeing by Christina Pedersen. And that's being generous.. a less charitable person might suggest she was actually dishonest.

  2. Anonymous7/8/12 00:07

    I am American, and a huge US Women's soccer fan, BUT - the referee, Pedersen, was absolutely TERRIBLE. How she is able to referee at this level is beyond me. Never have I seen a keeper called for the 6 second rule, ever. The handball call was ridiculous, especially after the non-calls on the other side, especially since I thought Hope Solo held on to the ball too long shortly before that when she kicked it out of her end, thus making THAT a handball.

    I wanted the USA Women to win, don't get me wrong, but not like this. The referee's horrible calls cheapened this win...

    1. First I thought she was inconsistent throughout the game I found myself confused by some calls and no calls as well, for sure. To your main complaints:

      The calling of the handball...we can talk about that for sure it was in the body she was turning away from the ball and especially after she let Rapinoe's go before which one might have a better case for. It seems from her vantage point she saw the player trying to extend her arm to block it. But at that level can any professional seriously keep their arm up like that anymore without expecting a possible penalty decision? And one might argue that there was a handling offense by the player in front of her as well.

      To the 6 second call. From the keepers mouth she was warned at halftime to knock it off. I noticed her excessively(and I mean EXCESSIVELY) hold the ball for a very long time, numerous times throughout the match(getting worse and worse as the game got later). She continued it through her warning. I have no problem with this decision what so ever. As for Hope Solo...okay, but she did not seem to do this for excessive long periods of time and repeat it. it still would an indirect free kick...not a Handball.

    2. Anonymous10/8/12 01:32

      lol of course you have no problem with it frank. But if you would have watched and counted the time your american keeper held the ball you would realize she actually held the ball for longer periods of time than the canadian keeper did.

  3. Horrible referee! Clearly biased and should never ref another game. A no call on the handball by Rapinoe and then a call on the Canadians on an absolutely unavoidable situation?!? Congratulations lady you just changed history!!

  4. Anonymous7/8/12 02:56

    From a Norwegian I offer apologies for the officiating of the game by Christiana Pedersen. It was very inconsistent and likely altered the outcome of the game. Sorry US for having to win in this way and especially to Canada for taking your win away.

  5. Haven't seen the match live but I am currently downloading it. I am going to watch it and make a report.

    1. Edward,
      If you could let us know when you complete the report. Much appreciated.

    2. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be ready Frank. I was a little busy the last few days so it took a while.

  6. Anonymous7/8/12 16:58

    Shocking and terrible. I wish I could have seen who would have won that game. Up until that point it was one of the best games I had ever watched. I feel sorry for both teams, and both nations.

  7. Anonymous7/8/12 20:27

    Any idea who are the referees retained for the women's finals?

  8. noi mamy powtórke z ubiegłorocznych MŚ kobiet w niemczech USA vs JAPAN ciekawe czyżby znowu BIBIANA STEINCHAUSS miała być głównym arbitrem tego meczu odp.jest tródna ale wkrótce ją poznamy

  9. Anonymous7/8/12 23:47

    I´m from Germany. I hope our German Bibiana Steinhaus will be the referee for the final. She only had one match (BRA vs NZL), so she should be the ONE !!! She did a great job in the World Cup Final last year. So why not again the final ???

    It´s a pity, that such a great match like that one between Canada and the USA (well done girls !) had such a bad referee. What was this Ms. Pedersen ?

  10. Anonymous8/8/12 01:29

    What a disgraceful, incompentent display by Christiana W Pedersen. And there was more than just the 2 terrible calls that gave the appearance that she was handing the game to the US. She was awful all game, had no control over the game, and missed a large number of calls. This was an all-time classic game that may have gone down as the greatest women's soccer game of all time, but it has been tainted by Chrstiana W Pedersen. She had to inject herself into the outcome of the game, taking away all the hard work and effort the Canadian and American women had put into their careers. I hope FIFA and all other football governing bodies do the right thing and bar Chrstiana W Pederson from officiating another game. No other team deserves to have their game taken away from them as the Canadians and Americans did.

  11. Anonymous8/8/12 01:48

    This referee’s incompetence ruined an all-time classic soccer match. This was a fantastic game with a great effort from both teams, and each team also had great individual performances. But a referee with an out of control ego changed all that. She didn’t like that she wasn’t the centre of attention, so she abused her authority to make sure she was. And she sure got what she wanted. Now, no one is talking about Christine Sinclair’s performance for the ages, or about Megan Rapinoe’s gutsy efforts. Instead, they are talking about the referee. Christiana W Pedersen, you are a disgrace and I hope that justice is done and you are never allowed to influence the outcome of another soccer game.

  12. It is confirmed by FIFA. Bibiana Steinhaus (GER) has been selected to referee the Gold Medal Match (USA - JAPAN).

  13. Anonymous8/8/12 21:26

    That's good news edward. Hopefully the incompetent Christiana W Pedersen doesn't not get the opportunity to ruin an important match again.

  14. Found a great article that defends Pedersen's calls. A great read.

  15. My Final Marks for Christina Petersen (report will be ready within the next hour).

    Petersen: 6.6
    Steinlund: 7.9
    Rojc: 8.1
    Hong: 8.0

    1. Thank you Edward. As always appreciate you taking time out of your day(whenever you can of course) to do this! Should be interesting.


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