August 12, 2012

Christian Fischer violently attacked by Benfica's Luisao

A friendly match between Benfica and Fortuna Düsseldorf was abandoned in the 39th minute on Saturday when the referee was knocked to the ground shortly after sending off a player.

Television footage showed Benfica captain Luisao protesting referee Christian Fischer's decision to eject teammate Javi Garcia. Brazilian international Luisao then appeared to shove Fischer.
Luisao approached the referee in a menacing manner and sent him falling backwards, where he lay for several seconds apparently unconscious before coming back to his senses after players and linesmen called for a doctor.
Fischer got back to his feet and decided to abandon the game.

Fortuna returned to play a further 45 minutes without their Portuguese opponents, splitting their squad into two sides of 11 men to ensure the fans at the Düsseldorf Arena were given some value for their money.
Speaking to Rheinische Post, Fortuna's chairman Peter Frymuth explained: "The ref was attacked and had to be treated by our doctors inside the locker room. Because of that attack the game was abandoned. I am shocked. I have been in football for many years and have never seen anything like it. I do not understand that players from a team with the reputation of Benfica, a team that play in the Champions League, have such an attitude. Let's get help from the German federation and talk with UEFA about Luisao and about what other Benfica players did. I hope they are severely punished. This should have been a day of celebration for us, but now it has becoming a depressing affair. We are sick at heart." Frymuth added that Fortuna Dusseldorf would approach UEFA over the event.
Benfica have stated on their official website that the match had been abandoned due to a "regrettable theatre" by the German referee. Portuguese newspapers are fearing Luisao's suspension by UEFA for two months.
Christian Fischer, a 2nd Bundesliga referee from Hemer who normally accompanies Thorsten Kinhöfer as assistant referee in Bundesliga, has officially informed against Luisao in the meantime.

sources: RP, FOX, ESPN


  1. To już luisao ma najbliższy sezon w europejskich pucharach z głowy a czy tylko jeden i do tego surową kare finansową za atak na nietykalność cielesną fischera. Teraz niech Brazylijczyk się modli żeby prucz kary finansowej dyskwalifikacji nieskończyło się dlań więzieniem, bo takie zachowanie jest niedpuszczalne ciekawe czy Brazylijski obrońca już zdał sobie sprawe z tego co go czeka

  2. DFB has told, that the Portuguese FA is responsible for the punishment of the player.

    1. F. Taveira12/8/12 16:04

      The info i have indicates that FPF will say has no responsibility in a match played in Germany. As i said before, just UEFA jurisdiction can be applied (eventually).
      I must say i am bit shocked with all the situation. the players reaction, the referee reaction was all surreal :S

  3. Independent Viewer12/8/12 16:40

    The referee pushed Maxi Pereira prior to the incident. Comparing the size of Maxi and thr referee, Maxi should have gone flying in comparison. Luisao has every right to speak to the referee. As he approached there may have been contact but it seems that the referee got startled like a cat in lights and froze, collapsed, fully extended with the yellow card in his hand, which he dramatically drops. As soon as the doctor is called he gets up and walks off the pitch unassisted! Theatre? Pure Hollywood more like!

    1. It can seem in this way, but you should watch it:
      At the end of this video you have an obvious punch...

  4. I again emphasize, it does not matter who is responsible for a possible punishment, Fischer has informed against Luisao, that is what counts.

  5. Anonymous12/8/12 17:34

    I think, Christian Fischer should be verified by a doctor, not because of the injures after contact but because of the size of his short brain that isn't balanced with the size body.

  6. 15/08/2012

    Estonia - Poland
    Ken Henry Johnsen (NOR)

    Hungary - Israel
    Ivan Kružliak (SVK)

    Sweden - Brazil
    Viktor Kassai (HUN)

    Belgium - Netherlands
    Martin Atkinson (ING)

    France - Uruguay
    Daniele Orsato (ITA)

    Denmark - Slovakia
    Daniel Stålhammar (SWE)

    Scotland - Australia
    Tom Harald Hagen (NOR)

    1. F. Taveira12/8/12 19:15

      Portugal-Panama (15/08/2012)
      Cesar Muniz Fernandez (ESP)

    2. Puerto Rico - Spain
      Javier Santos, Antonio López Amiero, Jairo Morales García, William Anderson Abrams - PUR

  7. I of course recognize Luisao's fault but to my mind there is also a strange behavior by the referee.

    1. F. Taveira12/8/12 19:18

      Agree! Was a very strange situation by both sides.

  8. Fischer has suffered from a heavy brain concussion.
    And no, Luisao's behaviour is not stange, it is scandalous. I am stunned that you call this "strange" to be honest.

    translate that

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. is there any basis for this allegation ? i could not read words of any doctor or physician that assisted this person, could you ?

    3. Maybe I wasn't clear in my words.
      It's obvious that Luisao's behavior is scandalouse, no doubts about that.
      Having said that, in my opinion, there is also something to understand about referee behavior in the whole match, if it's true what some users here aer saying.

    4. The info of the brain concussion comes from Fortuna Düsseldorf's doctors and dpa, the German press agency.
      And no, he did not push Maxi. Have a look on the video posted by Yun Hyeon, you can see that Fischer runs into the direction of the player to be sent off and Maxi Pereira interferes in his movement. Anyway, there is no need to close both eyes when a profi footballer attacks a referee with a punch. Leave your strange comments at youtube, at facebook or whereever, but not here (of course not in Chefren's direction).

    5. F. Taveira13/8/12 13:09

      I use the word "strange" and "surreal" to define this situation because I know Luisao for a long time and normally he is very respectful towards the referee. UEFA Elite Pedro Proença has the same opinion and stated today "It was an isolated act and has nothing to do with the usual conduct Luisão." in A Bola.
      Of course the aggression is pretty obvious. And yes I agree with Chefren when he says that the ref behavior was not the expected concerning a friendly match and concerning that particular situation.
      For both reasons we have a pretty strange and surreal situation and brings nothing good for football.
      About sports jurisdiction... it's +/- clear that both national federations will say no my responsibility but UEFA and FIFA might act.

    6. Ok, and yes, federations normally refuse to take responsibility. I would like to end the discussion about the punishment, because our matter is refereeing, which has nothing to do with that.
      You all are right when stating that the referee perhaps fell theatrically, I doubt it was his intention. Anyway, the reaction of Benfica is disgraceful, I do not mean Luisao's behaviour now, but the situation's aftermath.
      One thing is also clear, those "friendlies" do not exist,not anymore. They are test matches, no friendlies.

    7. As a Benfica fan I think it is a disgrace how the club is reacting to this whole situation.
      My club should apologize for the behavior of its player and not publish comments stating that Fischer's behavior is good acting material.
      Here in Portugal we are a bit more hot blooded than you guys from central europe, still it is not usual here to attack or even touch our referees in that kind of way.
      I do not care if it looks like Fischer is acting on the footage, what counts are the results of the Doctors who informed Fischer had a brain concussion!

      In the name of football and fair play, Luisão should be punished, we are all humans and not animals.

    8. Very nice comment, nothing to add.

    9. Anonymous21/9/12 14:43

      You my ignorant little prick, must take some serious drugs if u think there is any fault by luisao in this, his team mates were racing towards the ref and he tried to get in between them and at the same time point to the incident of javi, one can clearly see there was no intention on his part in harming the ref and instead we can all see that the ref (if you can call him that)was an idiot... seriously why don't you watch the footage sober and without any happy pills and you like most people would see that the ref made a spectical of himself and should never ever be allowed to ref again...


      A person whom watches with eyes and not his arse hole

  9. U21 on 6 September: Zwayer, Borsch, Pelgrim

    1. U21 6/7 September

      Giahos, Efthimiadis, Karsiotis, Sidiropoulos (GRE)

  10. Under 21 Friednly appointment

    Cambuur Stadium” - Leeuwarden (NED)
    Netherlands U21 - Italy U21

    Alan Mario Sant
    Alan Camilleri, Edward Spiteri
    Jochem Kamphuis


    German Supercup: Niclas, if you have seen the match, I want your opinion about that handball in the last minutes. A very crucial (not) decision with the score on the 2-1.

    1. I watched it too. For me it's a handball and therefore a crucial mistake made by Michael Weiner. However, I must emphasize it was difficult to solve this situation in a one clear way. I understand Weiner's non-decision - final minutes, he wasn't sure about it and it was on the borderline (hand/thorax).

    2. Sorry, it was NOT a handball. Reviewed it many times yesterday after posting a comment. Tha ball touched thorax at first, then maybe minimally touching a hand. No way about penalty, great call by Weiner as well as 'only' yellow card to Emre Can for his foul in 37' and non-penalty call after Lewandowski-Dante duel in 89'. Schmelzer's rude foul on Robben should have been punished with a red card to my mind, but it would be risky taking into account the yellow card to Can. Great performance by Michael Weiner.

      WEINER - 8,6
      GRUDZINSKI - 8,4
      WILLENBORG - 8,4

      Both assistants would get higher marks but there was a problem with handling flags and running on the line.

    3. No handball, agree with your marks, but would Weiner set to expected level, his style and approach, communication and so on were not very good.

    4. He had a good positioning, clear gestures, he was calm and self-confident. At the end he lost a bit control and sometimes he should have warned players a bit longer to calm down the tense atmosphere. But I found it as a deliberate approach to give players benefit of the stars of evening. I understand it. Very good card to Robben, he hadn't other option. Of course, I understand your evaluation 'expected level' but I took into account very high difficulty of the match (in the old system would be 10 for sure) and superb key-calls. Therefore, I gave him a bit more. And very good adding time, I even though there will be 2 minutes added to second half (were 3) ;) Regards

  11. Anonymous12/8/12 23:31

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Anonymous12/8/12 23:52

    IMO he should be banned for at least 1 year. Violence against referees has to be punished very harsh!!!

    1. Anonymous21/9/12 14:44

      You my ignorant little prick, must take some serious drugs if u think there is any fault by luisao in this, his team mates were racing towards the ref and he tried to get in between them and at the same time point to the incident of javi, one can clearly see there was no intention on his part in harming the ref and instead we can all see that the ref (if you can call him that)was an idiot... seriously why don't you watch the footage sober and without any happy pills and you like most people would see that the ref made a spectical of himself and should never ever be allowed to ref again...


      A person whom watches with eyes and not his arse hole

  13. It does not matter how long he will be banned. The criminal prosecution's results following Fischer's report to the police will be more important, there are many victims of this incident, specially about 10 cameras ;)
    If I were DFB, I would ban Luisao for football matches in Germany for the next 5 seasons. That is perhaps the only thing they could do.

    1. Anonymous21/9/12 14:44

      You my ignorant little prick, must take some serious drugs if u think there is any fault by luisao in this, his team mates were racing towards the ref and he tried to get in between them and at the same time point to the incident of javi, one can clearly see there was no intention on his part in harming the ref and instead we can all see that the ref (if you can call him that)was an idiot... seriously why don't you watch the footage sober and without any happy pills and you like most people would see that the ref made a spectical of himself and should never ever be allowed to ref again...


      A person whom watches with eyes and not his arse hole

  14. friendly tomorrow u21
    14.08.2012 20.30 Germany - Argentina
    Ruddy Buquet, Fredji Harchay, Huseyin Ocak (FRA)

  15. Anonymous13/8/12 13:44

    yesterday's turkish derby!!!

    cuneyt cakir :(

    1. Omg

      I read on the sites that Engin Baytar was sent off.
      Is he the player in this pic?

    2. Anonymous13/8/12 17:50

      yes he is engin baytar.

  16. Are you joking? Punch? OMG. It was contact, as the referee said. That he (the referee) ran against a wall :D YES, that are his words just after the match :) HE RUN AGAINST A WALL :)

    AH AH AH. What I see here is just racism and of course obvious Xenophobia.

    1. Not many people manage to reveal their limited horizon by thus few words, congrats.

    2. Anonymous21/9/12 14:53

      No Niclas E (for extacy) U seem too have a lot of words to be said but you sound like a broken record and I would kindly ask you to use what little brain cells u have left and stop thinking and speaking out ur ass

      U obviously are biased as I deduce by ur name (Niclas)

      Do the world a favour and find something else to comment about

      P.S the only reason I am anonymous is because my account doesn't seem to work, as I would gladly post my name.

  17. Anonymous13/8/12 16:27

    the player must have some king of punishment, but the referee was kind of a clown... and a lawsy one.

  18. petschovschi13/8/12 16:46

    Slovenia- Romania: E. Aleckovici(BIH),S. Ibrisimbegovici(BIH),D. Draskovic (BIH)- M. Zganec (SLO)

    Germany- Argentina: Eriksson (SWE)

  19. The full italian appointment for France - Uruguay on 15 August:

    Maggiani - Nicoletti

    strange thing, also the fourth official, when it's use in these friendlies to appoint a fourth official of the place

  20. I just report what people are saying here in Italy about this video (it's not my opinion). Most of them think that the referee has done theater.
    Unfortunately the video isn't clear.

    1. What would you see as motive for Fischer to dive? It's not as if he can award himself a free kick. And although the initial video is inconclusive, the second video, shared by Niclas in the Comments section clearly shows contact. Which brings me to my next point: One does not touch the referee. It is totally out of the question. Finally, I understand that Fischer's fall does provoke a question or two, as it was an almost comical fall. But if you take into account it was an involuntary fall after a completely unexpected shove, it is understandable his fall is not as supple as say, Busquets'. It reminds me of Paul Alcock's tumble after being pushed by Paolo di Canio:

    2. "One does not touch the referee"

      This is the most important sentence, I of course agree.

    3. Please note that this is not an attack on you. I admire and enjoy your contributions to this amazing blog. And it's a good idea we also listen to what is said in the football community and not stick our heads in the sand. The ignorance of some comments have just irritated me.

    4. Don't worry, no problems. I like to discuss and I understand what you mean, this is the sense of the blog.

  21. Still friendlies appointments:


    Armenia - Belarus
    Davit Kharitonashvili (GEO)

    Macedonia - Lithuania
    Halis Özkahya (TUR)

    Albania - Moldova
    Yunus Yildirim (TUR)

    Azerbaijan - Bahrain
    Georgi Vadachkoria (GEO)

    Russia - Ivory Coast
    Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)

    1. On the same day:

      Wales - Bosnia
      Marco Borg
      Konrad Borg - Christopher Francalanza

      Bulgaria - Cyprus
      Christopher Lautier
      Mariano Debono - William Debattista

      If I remember well, this last appointment was already posted also by Edward

    2. You are correct Chefren.

      Fourth official at Bulgaria - Cyprus is Alexander Konstantinov from Bulgaria.

    3. So, collected appointments are:

      Liechtenstein - Andorra (Stephan Klossner, Johannes Vogel, ?, Nikolaj Hänni)
      San Marino - Malta (Paolo Tagliavento)
      Albania - Moldova (Yunus Yıldırım, Serkan Gençerler, Baki Tuncay Akkın)
      Armenia - Belarus (Davit Kharitonashvili)
      Austria - Turkey (Ján Valášek, Miroslav Benko, Erik Weiss, Harald Lechner)
      Azerbaijan - Bahrain (Georgi Vadachkoria, Georgi Kruashvili, Levan Varamishvili, Fariz Yusifov)
      Belgium - Netherlands (Martin Atkinson, Stuart Burt, Simon Long, Jonathan Lardot)
      Bulgaria - Cyprus (Christopher Lautier, Mariano Debono, William Debattista)
      Denmark - Slovakia (Daniel Stålhammar)
      Estonia - Poland (Ken Henry Johnsen, Leif Erik Opland, Sven Erik Midthjell)
      France - Uruguay (Daniele Orsato, Luca Maggiani, Nicola Nicoletti, Luca Banti)
      Germany - Argentina (Jonas Eriksson, Mathias Klasenius, Daniel Wärnmark, Deniz Aytekin)
      Hungary - Israel (Ivan Kružliak)
      Italy - England (Sascha Kever, Raffael Zeder, Devis Dettamanti, Alain Bieri)
      Macedonia - Lithuania (Halis Özkahya, Cem Satman, Erdinç Sezertam)
      Norway - Greece (Alan Kelly, Damien McGraith, Mark Douglas, Kim Thomas Haglund)
      Portugal - Panama (César Muñiz Fernández, José Manuel Fernández Miranda, Raúl Cabañero Martínez)
      Puerto Rico - Spain (Javier Santos, Antonio López Amiero, Jairo Morales García, William Anderson Abrams)
      Russia - Ivory Coast (Cüneyt Çakır, Bahattin Duran, Tarık Ongun)
      Scotland - Australia (Tom Harald Hagen, Dag Roger Nebben, Magnus Lundberg, Dag Vidar Hafsås)
      Slovenia - Romania (Emir Alečković, Senad Ibrišimbegović, Dalibor Drašković, Mitja Žganec)
      Sweden - Brazil (Viktor Kassai)
      Wales - Bosnia an Herzegovina (Marco Borg, Konrad Borg, Christopher Francalanza)

      Thank you for your involvement in this searching. By the way, I'm looking for referees team in Liverpool - Bayer Leverkusen friendly. Martin Atkinson was the main referee. If someone has full appointment, please post it.

    4. Thanks a lot, did not recognize that until now. Good overview.

    5. Kassai's assistants will be Róbert Kispál and Tibor Vámos. 4th Official was appointed Stefan Wittberg from Sweden.

  22. Anonymous13/8/12 21:51

    When will referees be appointed for 1st legs of champions league play-offs?

    1. Probably two days before the matches.

    2. Yes, I predict they will publish it on Sunday 11.00 CET and Monday about the same time. Moen is very probably out, since he is appointed in EL, Clattenburg, Brych, Rocchi should get a break after their Olympic Games matches (perhaps one of them gets the Super Cup), if UEFA maintains their policy to appoint only ELITE officials, which I never understood by the way, there are not many possibilities, only 18 refs would be remaining then for the 16 games. I hoped UEFA would appoint someone like Kralovec for the CL Playoffs. Furthermore, Gräfe is injured, he will miss most of the Group Stage's time, could therefore lead to a demotion.
      Your Super Cup final (Chelsea-Atlético) predictions? I predict Lannoy or Skomina.

    3. I predicted Brych, but after last match at Olympics... Lannoy would be a good choice I think.

    4. I think Eriksson or Cakir for the Super Cup.

    5. As I said several days ago to Niclas, my prediction for the Super Cup is made by a ist of three names:

      Cakir (of course, after an excellent EURO)
      Rizzoli (waiting for Champions League final since years)
      Brych (and I don't think that his performance at FIFA Olympics could be evaluated so terrible by UEFA)

      No other names possible, another referee in my mind was Skomina, but the appointment of Jug in a Europa League match means that probably he will not be available for SuperCup, because UEFA uses to not give appointments to each referee of the team which is appointed for Super Cup in the whole month of August.

      We can (must) look at every small possible hint :)

      EDIT whils I was writing:
      Deniz Aytekin has been appointed for a EL match on 30 August, impossible to see Brych in Super Cup then

    6. Brych will probably have two NON-FIFA refs as AARs, so Aytekin's appointment does not necessarily indicate something.

    7. Anonymous15/8/12 13:43

      I think that Skominas AARS are for this season Ponis/Čeferin and Vinčič so he can referee Super cup.

  23. Na youtube wygląda to tak jakby to sędzia sam się wywrócił zastanawia mnie wypowiedź Niemców że Portugalczycy sami powinni nałożyć kare na Luisao, a ja uważam że tą sprawą powinna zająć się komisja dyscyplinarna UEFA.Jeśli Niemiecki zwiąek piłkarski DFB nieskieróje tej sprawy do komisji dyscyplinarnej UEFA to będzie oznaczało że Fischer sam się wywrócił ze stachu i powinno się wówczas jego wykluczyć ze stróktur sędziowskich

  24. petschovschi14/8/12 00:33

    Serbia- Eire: Alexandru Tudor - Aurel Oniţă, Cristian Nica (ROM)

  25. Anonymous14/8/12 13:15

    Hey guys! Do you see my post about fourth officials? ( in the article about clattenburg appointement, last commentary). Interesting, no?


    1. Hi, don't know how to understand it. 4th official will be assistant referee or additional assitant will be 4th official?

    2. Maybe he meant that the fourth official will be always an assistant referee.
      In fact, here in Italy has been confirmed that in serie A, with the AARs, the fourth official will be always an assistant referee.

    3. It's a good solution

  26. Benoît, your comment must be very interesting, but I have not understood it either.

  27. 2 Greek Europa League Appointments and 1 Cypriot Appointment

    Anzhi (RUS) - AZ (NED) 23/08

    Referee: Michael Koukoulakis
    Assistants: Dimitrios Saraidaris, Damianos Efthimiadis
    Fourth official: Dimitrios Tritsonis

    Dila Gori (GEO) - Maritimo (POR) 30/08

    Referee: Anastasios Kakos
    Assistants: Christos Akrivos, Dimitrios Tatsis
    Fourth Official: Ilias Spathas.

    Lazio (ITA) - Mura (SVN) 30/08

    Referee: Leontios Trattou

  28. AZ - Anzhi seond leg Svein Oddvar Moen
    that is interesting

  29. Very interesting, yes. Karasev for Hannover-Slask is also good, this Russian seems to be promising.

    1. Yes, Karasev is a very good referee. I watched his matches many times. I would see him in the Elite.

    2. Me too, I thought it would be too early, but I have the same feeling. Furthermore, Rosetti should be a good mentor.

  30. Anonymous14/8/12 16:05

    Violently attacked?? What a joke...this reff should be banned for his childish and unprofessional attitude.

    1. Anonymous21/9/12 15:06

      For sure, the clinic he was treated at stated there was no concussion of any kind, "basically saying he was lying". I do agree that ref's shouldn't be touched and that is why as a benfica supporter I understood what luisao's intention was, that of getting in between the players and the ref unforunately in this action he ended up barging the ref but, the impact was nowhere near what the ref made it out to be. To respond to Thomas above, "what would the ref gain, not like he can give himself a free kick"
      What he can do, as he has done is, ruin a players chance of helping his side in the champions league and also seriously dent the teams chances in the champions league,

  31. Anonymous14/8/12 16:30

    According to his website:

    Tromsø - Partizan:
    Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT)

    Kind regards from Vienna,

  32. Anonymous14/8/12 16:35

    Sorry for my english. Chefren is right. The fourth official Will always an assistant referee not a central referee, as in serie A.
    For info : Luxembourg - Géorgia : Turpin - boisdenghien - danos

    Congratulations for your blog. :-)


    1. Thanks a lot!

      Interesting, a good decision in my opinion. Then, the perpetual debate "who will replace the ref in case of an injury" is clarified: The additional assistant referee who is classified higher will replace him.

    2. Thank you for this appointment. As I mentioned, it's a good solution, especially when addidtional assistant 1 always replaces a main referee when he is injury. It's no need to pick main referee as a 4th official.

    3. It would be also interesting to know whether only FIFA ARs can get matches as fourths or also non-FIFA ARs. There you could perhaps grasp the coming new fifa assistants. (My predictions for Germany are either Marcel Pelgrim or René Kunsleben.)

  33. Some today friendlies. It was difficul to search, but I did my best :)

    14/08/2012 || 14.00 || Falkirk [Falkirk Stadium]
    Referee: Brian Colvin [SCO]
    Assistant Referee 1: Graeme Stewart [SCO]
    Assistant Referee 2: Scott Millar [SCO]
    4th Official: Craig Napier [SCO]

    14/08/2012 || 18.00 || Ponte de Sor [Estádio Municipal de Ponte de Sor]
    Referee: Bruno Miguel Duarte Paixão [POR]
    Assistant Referee 1: Mário Jorge Zurga Pato Dionisio [POR]
    Assistant Referee 2: Rui Manuel Cidade Silva [POR]
    4th Official: Sérgio Manuel Semedo Pita [POR]

    14/08/2012 || 18.00 || Jagodina [FK Jagodina Stadium]
    Referee: Boško Jovanetić [SRB]
    Assistant Referee 1: Vladimir Jovanović [SRB]
    Assistant Referee 2: Vladimir Čađenović [SRB]
    4th Official: Srđan Obradović [SRB]

    14/08/2012 || 18.00 || Falun [Lindvallen]
    Referee: Glenn Nyberg [SWE]
    Assistant Referee 1: Andreas Björkman [SWE]
    Assistant Referee 2: Magnus Löfstrand [SWE]
    4th Official: Henrik Matsson [SWE]

    14/08/2012 || 18.30 || Kiev [Victor Bannikov Stadium]
    Referee: Vladimir Vnuk [SVK]
    Assistant Referee 1: Leonid Yarmolynskyi [UKR]
    Assistant Referee 2: Andriy Baranivskyi [UKR]
    4th Official: Yevhen Aranovskyi [UKR]

    14/08/2012 || 18.30 || Kiev [Valeriy Lobanovskyi Stadium]
    Referee: Nikola Dabanović [MNE]
    Assistant Referee 1: Andriy Lytvyn [UKR]
    Assistant Referee 2: Oleksandr Yakymenko [UKR]
    4th Official: Alaksey Kulbakou [BLR]

    14/08/2012 || 19.45 || Dunfermline [East End Park]
    Referee: Dag Vidar Hafsås [NOR]
    Assistant Referee 1: Dag Roger Nebben [NOR]
    Assistant Referee 2: Magnus Lundberg [NOR]
    4th Official: Tom Harald Hagen [NOR]

    14/08/2012 || 20.30 ||
    Referee: Ruddy Buquet [FRA]
    Assistant Referee 1: Fredji Harchay [FRA]
    Assistant Referee 2: Huseyin Ocak [FRA]

    Norwegian assistants are very busy. Two matches in two days.

  34. 15/08/2012 || 18.00 || Jönköping [Stadsparkvallen]
    Referee: Dennis Antamo [FIN]
    Assistant Referee 1: Jonas Turunen [FIN]
    Assistant Referee 2: Mika Lamppu [FIN]
    4th Official: Fredrik Klyver [SWE]

    16/08/2012 || 13.00 || Ludvika [Hillängens IP]
    Referee: Patrik Eriksson [SWE]
    Assistant Referee 1: Mahbod Beigi [SWE]
    Assistant Referee 2: Ola Bäck [SWE]
    4th Official: Patrik Larsson [SWE]

  35. Excellent work, Yun Hyeon.
    Anyway, the most difficult appointment to find about tomorrow friendlies is Iceland - Far Oer :)
    If you are able... find it.
    I'm very curious about the referee, probably from Norway, Sweden or Denmark.
    Many times Petur Reinert from the Far Oer has refereed Iceland's friendlies, of course in this case he can't!

    1. No way, Chefren, no way :-( I searched at Iceland FA, Faroer FA, Sweden FA, Norway FA, Denmark FA and nothing...

      What do you think about Kassai's assistants? Is it possible to replace Gabor Eros by Robert Kispal?

    2. Well, I think it's possible a replacement. Gabor Eros showed not only one but several poor performance in the last times, and to be honest (you remember that for sure, too) also in the 2011 CL final he wasn't perfect.
      The first name if they really want to replace him definitevely is Tibor Vamos, but due to age he is too close to retirement, so Kispal could be the right choice.

  36. Another appointment:

    Ukraine - Czech Republic
    Milorad Mažić (SRB)

    our friend is back...

  37. 1000 thanks to all who did the research, specially Yun Hyeon.
    Clattenburg for Bordeaux-Crvena zvezda, tough appointment. No break after Wembley..

  38. Strange, says Zwayer has FRA-URU along with Häcker and Henschel.


    2. According to, FRA URU which will be refereed by Zwayer takes place on 10 September :/ Strange.
      Orsato's appt is official, thanks for the link.

      Back to the AR-4th OF-stuff. Following the information I have received, the referees transmitted their teams for the EL/CL group stage to UEFA a few days ago - as always. The fourths were referees, no assistant referees. So: will this change be effective from 2013/14?

    3. and Kispal instead of Eros in Kassai's team

    4. Certain info?
      Then I expect that Ring and Kispal will accompany Kassai in the next season and Albert/Tóth with Vad (only guesses).

    5. I wondered about the FRA-URU thing, too. I assume, the match in September is a U21-friendly, because the 10th is a monday before a WC qualification matchday and so probably a youth matchday.
      France-Uruguay would have been a very big game for a new FIFA offcial, even Orsato is a surprise, one could expect a ELITE referee.

    6. Yes, certain info:

      If our feelings are true, very big punishment to Gabor Eros for his mistake at EURO. Or maybe it's only a little injury or something like that.

  39. Poor Referee: be a man, stand up!!

  40. Moen (AZ - Anzhi)
    Clattenburg (Bordeaux - Crvena zvezda)
    Meyer (Hearts - Tottenham)

    That leaves the Elite Category with 19 referees. If we remove the one in charge of the Super Cup then we have 18.

    The Champions League Play Offs are 20 matches. A little mathematical problem.

    1. Orsato, Stavrev, Borski, Aydinus.
      They are waiting their call... after what happened on last January

    2. And of course I'm sure also that Milorad Mažić will get a CL playoff.

    3. Yes but until last year these matches were handled specifically by Elite Referees? Do we know if this has changed?

    4. Anonymous14/8/12 22:33

      I think that the head for the referee questions Ukraine FA - Mr. Collina and Mr. Luciano Luci? You might be mistaken? Mazic is tomorrow in Ukraine. Very interesting ...

    5. No, we don't know it.
      But you have reported correctly the numbers, they can't appoint for 20 matches all Elite referees, so they will appoint Elite Development.
      By the way, and this question is also for Niclas: why Meyer still in Elite category if they want to go on appointing him in Europa League?

      Furthermore, here the full appointment of this evening at Serravalle stadium:

      San Marino-Malta 1-3
      Paolo Tagliavento (ITA)
      Massimo Zanotti (SMR) - Andrea Guidi (SMR)
      Johnny Casanova (SMR)

    6. Sorry, final score is 2-3 and not 1-3.
      A goal in the last minutes (penalty at 93'), and it's the first time in the history of San Marino national team that they score more than 1 goal in a official match, even though a friendly.
      I will verify it better in the next days

    7. From the published EL appointments we have 2 ED referees with a match.

      Rasmussen (Feyenoord - Sparta Praha) and
      Nijhuis (Vaslui - Internazionale)

    8. Anonymous14/8/12 22:56

    9. Anonymous14/8/12 23:10

    10. I think UEFA applies this policy giving the biggest football nations/federations three ELITE referees, as always, politics play a/the role. Italy have three since last year, England as well, Germany for years, too (Spain probably too when Fernández is ready). The "production line" behind the big two, Stark and Brych, is not that good with regard to the future. Weiner, Kinhöfer, Kircher...these refs never received many matches, Kircher will voluntarily lose his badge in 2013, time for Tobias Welz, as Philipp and I predict. Gräfe is injured and perhaps too old for a promotion to ELITE; in addition, his last season was not the best in Bundesliga. Aytekin is coming, in Bundesliga he is only midfield from my point of view, UEFA likes him. Fritz and Zwayer will be coming ELITE refs, that is quite sure, but they need time. In the end, there is still Meyer, a good referee, but not with the best moments on international level. I think as soon as Aytekin is ready for a promotion, Meyer's demotion will be sure as well.

    11. Excellent answer, as always. Thanks.
      You know, I'm not so much accostumed to think about politics... my only thoughts are about referees and their performance :)
      that should be always the same for every country

    12. Yes, but we know that it is irrealistic cutting out the politics-aspect. But you are right, I am also solely speaking about what should be from my point of view and not what will be ;)

  41. Anonymous15/8/12 03:07

    Laurent Kopriwa is the referee in Iceland - Faroe Islands

    AR are brothers, Antonio og Claudio De Carolis.

    Team Luxembourg.

  42. Anonymous15/8/12 09:22

    Who do you think will referee European Super Cup?

    1. Anonymous15/8/12 11:23

      I think that Damir Skomina should get this match beacuse he really deserves it or Cuneyt Cakir (beacuse Skomina refereed Chelsea and Atletico Madrid matches last season) but one of this too should get it they deserve it.
      And Moen could get this match in one of the next seasons.

  43. See above.

    Concerning the play-offs, it is of course not said that Moen cannot have a CL playoff in the other week, it is not very probable, but it might happen. Furthermore, Moen will have his first EL match since 2010.
    A new interesting UEFA season is starting ;)

  44. I am confused.

    From the today published appointments of Europa League we see that Mallenco (Crvena zvezda - Bordeaux) and Collum (Stutgard - Dinamo Moskva) both have a first leg match. So UEFA must think to give ED referee a Champions League Play Off.

    1. Anonymous15/8/12 14:33

      I don't think so, I think Moen, Undiano, Clattenburg will all get their CL match. Considering last year, they need 20 referees for CL playoff, SuperCup referee and unfortunately Florian Meyer are probably out so there are 20 referees to do CL playoff. Or you are right, UEFA will surprise us so we may se some ED referees in playoff: Kralovec and Hagen, maybe Mažić and Strahonja, I hope Borski and Orsato won't get CL playoff.

  45. I bet that Fernández will get a match in CL.
    I doubt that Celtic-Helsingborgs needs an ELITE ref ;) In addition, Collum already had a comparable duel as far as I remember, no stats at hand, but I think it was Stuttgart-Zenit. He did well.

  46. Legia-Rosenborg to Stavrev. He is back.
    I think we should observe some of the matches. You can comment on my comment letting us know which match you can/want to observe. I think I am going to take Koukoulakis and Karasev/Stavrev.

    1. And on 2nd leg perhaps Aydinus.

  47. Hüseyin Göçek has been appointed for an Europa League play off on thursday 30 August.
    This probably means that Cakir isn't the referee of UEFA Super Cup.
    Furthermore, as Edward wrote, other Elite development and Elite referees have got a match in EL.
    Undiano Mallenco and William Collum.
    I really think that UEFA is going to surprise us.
    Or maybe, as Niclas often says, to kid us :D

    By the way, they consider very important Bordeaux - Stella Rossa (2 Elite referees appointed), do you know why?

    1. I guess it is the normal reason. Crvena zvezda is sponsored by Gazprom, the same counts for Zenit and Schalke, these clubs do not get the worst refs, do you agree ? ;)
      Another thing, I would not say Göcek's appt means that Cakir cannot whistle the super cup final. Last year, he was often accompanied by Yildirim, Ozkahya, Abay. Only when UEFA commenced the procedure with the AARs prior and due to EURO 2012, Göcek and Yildirim became his persistent AARs.

    2. Anonymous15/8/12 15:15

      Yildirim is appointed for Athletic - HJK

    3. And Kelly for the 2nd leg. Many interesting appointments. And guys like Nikolaev und Schörgenhofer get nothing

    4. Why are you saying that Niklas? Both Nikolaev and Schorgenhofer have a match at the EL play offs.

    5. Oops, thanks, I overread that.

  48. Until now, no italian referees at all in these Europa League play off.
    This could be more than a hint for Rizzol and his team in Super Cup.

  49. About match to watch and report: I'm sorry to say that I'm having problem with internet at my home, in these days I'm using my mobile phone to connect and of course isn't the best condition... anyway I should solve the problem before the end of this week, I will let you know, For now, don't appoint me for the matches on the next week.

  50. FIFA and DFB will start investigation in the case of Luisao's attack.
    Source: tuttomercato

  51. UEFA U21 Championships Qualifiers:

    14/08/2012 || 19.30 || Sligo [The Showgrounds]
    Referee: Kristo Tohver [EST]
    Assistant Referee 1: Sten Klaasen [EST]
    Assistant Referee 2: Raul Kaivoja [EST]
    4th Official: Mart Martin [EST]

    15/08/2012 || 18.00 || Minsk [Dynama-Yuni Stadium]
    Referee: Adrien Jaccottet [SUI]
    Assistant Referee 1: Matthias Arnet [SUI]
    Assistant Referee 2: Alain Heiniger [SUI]
    4th Official: Ludovic Gremaud [SUI]

    15/08/2012 || 18.00 || Turku [Veritas Stadion]
    Referee: Arnold Hunter [NIR]
    Assistant Referee 1: Eamon Shanks [NIR]
    Assistant Referee 2: Andrew Neeson [NIR]
    4th Official: Ross Dunlop [NIR]

    15/08/2012 || 18.30 || Kiev [Obolon' Arena]
    Referee: Michael Oliver [ENG]
    Assistant Referee 1: Jake Collin [ENG]
    Assistant Referee 2: Scott Ledger [ENG]
    4th Official: Anthony Taylor [ENG]

    15/08/2012 || 20.00 || Tbilisi [Mikheil Meskhi Stadium]
    Referee: Anatoliy Abdula [UKR]
    Assistant Referee 1: Oleksiy Andreyev [UKR]
    Assistant Referee 2: Serhiy Bekker [UKR]
    4th Official: Vitaliy Romanov [UKR]

    1. 15/08/2012 || 19.00 || Tórshavn [Gundadalur]
      Referee: Gerhard Grobelnik [AUT]
      Assistant Referee 1: Richard Hubler [AUT]
      Assistant Referee 2: Andreas Heidenreich [AUT]
      4th Official: Christian Dintar [AUT]

      15/08/2012 || 19.00 || Wrexham [Racecourse Ground]
      Referee: Kenn Hansen [DEN]
      Assistant Referee 1: Henrik Kristensen [DEN]
      Assistant Referee 2: David Vang Andersen [DEN]
      4th Official: Michael Tykgaard [DEN]

  52. We are anyway waiting for a Ukrainian referee of a certain level, at least EL group stage, after Orhekov and his history that you surely know.
    Do you think that it could be possible in a sort time?
    Collina's work in that nation seems to be good.

  53. Red card for Ron-Robert Zieler in the friendly Germany-Argentina after 30 min?
    What happened?

    1. Anonymous15/8/12 22:16

      Mažić- very good performance!

    2. Thanks Yun Hyeon, I have watched the situation now on rojadirecta, the penalty and, as consequence, the red card seem correct decisions.

  54. Anonymous15/8/12 22:06

    Awful performance tonight by Kassais team...
    -Disallowed a goal for Brazil in the first halt due to offside - wasn't even borderline or particulary close.
    -Brazils 2-0 seemed to be offside... Although, I have not seen replays who are good enough to say for sure.
    -The penalty goal that made it 3-0 should have been a freekick just outside the penalty area... You think that should have been enough, but no - Patos penalty shot also was a double touch; he shot with his right foot and then a pretty obvious touch on the left foot before it went in.
    -Over all many small mistakes - unusual for Kassai - αnd strange card management.

    I like Kassais lenient style and hold him as the best referee in the world, but this was a disaster...

  55. A missing appointment, Croatia - Switzerland:

    Antonio Damato
    Massimiliano Grilli - Riccardo Di Fiore
    Duje Strukan

    Delegate: Ante Pavlović

    I don't know what is the role of a delegate in a friendly, anyway I have found also this info.

  56. And now I don't know is something more to search ;)


    Guatemala - El Salvador (Terry Vaughn, George Gansner, Frank Anderson, Ricardo Salazar)


    Liechtenstein - Andorra (Stephan Klossner, Johannes Vogel, Sandro Pozzi, Nikolaj Hänni)

    San Marino - Malta (Paolo Tagliavento, Massimo Zanotti, Andrea Guidi, Johnny Casanova)


    Albania - Moldova (Yunus Yıldırım, Serkan Gençerler, Baki Tuncay Akkın, Bardhyl Pashaj)

    Armenia - Belarus (Davit Kharitonashvili)

    Austria - Turkey (Ján Valášek, Miroslav Benko, Erik Weiss, Harald Lechner)

    Azerbaijan - Bahrain (Georgi Vadachkoria, Georgi Kruashvili, Levan Varamishvili, Fariz Yusifov)

    Belgium - Netherlands (Martin Atkinson, Stuart Burt, Simon Long, Jonathan Lardot)

    Bulgaria - Cyprus (Christopher Lautier, Mariano Debono, William Debattista, Aleksander Konstantinov)

    Croatia - Switzerland (Antonio Damato, Massimiliano Grilli, Riccardo Di Fiore, Duje Strukan)

    Denmark - Slovakia (Daniel Stålhammar, Joakim Flin, Per Brogevik, Jakob Kehlet)

    Estonia - Poland (Ken Henry Johnsen, Leif Erik Opland, Sven Erik Midthjell, Hannes Kaasik)

    France - Uruguay (Daniele Orsato, Luca Maggiani, Nicola Nicoletti, Luca Banti)

    Germany - Argentina (Jonas Eriksson, Mathias Klasenius, Daniel Wärnmark, Deniz Aytekin)

    Hungary - Israel (Ivan Kružliak, Peter Chládek, Tomáš Vorel, Zsolt Varga)

    Iceland - Faroer Islands (Laurent Kopriwa, Antonio De Carolis, Claudio De Carolis, Gunnar Jarl Jónsson)

    Iran - Tunisia (Mihály Fábián, Zsolt Szpisják, István Albert, Sándor Andó-Szabó)

    Italy - England (Sascha Kever, Raffael Zeder, Devis Dettamanti, Alain Bieri)

    Luxembourg - Georgia (Clément Turpin, Emanuel Boisdenghien, Nicolas Danos)

    Macedonia - Lithuania (Halis Özkahya, Cem Satman, Erdinç Sezertam)

    Mexico - United States of America (Wálter Enrique Quesada Cordero, Leonel Leal Bermúdez, Octavio Jara Carballo, José Alfredo Peñaloza Soto)

    Montenegro - Latvia (Danilo Grujić, Dalibor Đorđević, Goran Kojić, Pavle Radovanović)

    Northern Ireland - Finland (Richard Liesveld)

    Norway - Greece (Alan Kelly, Damien McGraith, Mark Douglas, Kim Thomas Haglund)

    Portugal - Panama (César Muñiz Fernández, José Manuel Fernández Miranda, Raúl Cabañero Martínez, João Carlos Santos Capela)

    Puerto Rico - Spain (Javier Santos, Antonio López Amiero, Jairo Morales García, William Anderson Abrams)

    Russia - Ivory Coast (Cüneyt Çakır, Bahattin Duran, Tarık Ongun)

    Scotland - Australia (Tom Harald Hagen, Dag Roger Nebben, Magnus Lundberg, Dag Vidar Hafsås)

    Serbia - Republic of Ireland (Alexandu Dan Tudor, Cristian Nica, Aurel Oniţă, Milenko Vukadinović)

    Slovenia - Romania (Emir Alečković, Senad Ibrišimbegović, Dalibor Drašković, Mitja Žganec)

    Sweden - Brazil (Viktor Kassai, Róbert Kispál, Tibor Vámos, Stefan Wittberg)

    Ukraine - Czech Republic (Milorad Mažić, Igor Radojčić, Milovan Ristić)

    Wales - Bosnia an Herzegovina (Marco Borg, Konrad Borg, Christopher Francalanza, Mark Steven Whitby)

  57. Thanks a lot.
    Eriksson was not at his highest level, he should have sent off Zabaleta for a reckless studs-up foul on Khedira. Furthermore, he missed two obvious yellows for tactical fouls. The penalty was correct, red card as well, following the rule. As it is a question of 1/10 seconds, I think IFAB should change the rule, at least for goalkeepers. Brilliant goal scored by di María, a boring game, as it could be expected in the second half. Wärnmark with a disallowed goal for Germany, correct, the same counts for 5 other tight offsides, this guy has shown an excellent performance.
    Marks (I do not consider the missed red as a crucial mistake, can be interpretation):
    Eriksson 7,9
    Klasenius 8,3
    Wärnmark 9,5 (just one striker foul he signalized was wrong)

    1. It was by the way the first German goalkeeper ever sent off, in the 864th match of DFB's history.

    2. It seems incredible.
      Never happened until yesterday?

  58. Manuel de Sousa for Inter-Vaslui, again underlines that he is a promising soon ED ref.


    have no referees until now. Two federations are still missing of whom one could expect a referee in EL playoffs: Hungary and Italy. I guess Vad, Bognar, and two Italians will have these matches.

    1. I expect Vad to have a match and possible Orsato. If UEFA wants to appoint 2 Italian referees then Banti is the second candidate.

  59. Turkish full appointments:

    Dinamo Moskva - VFB Stuttgart
    Fırat Aydınus
    Serkan Ok - Aleks Taşçıoğlu
    Barış Şimşek

    Athletic Bilbao - HJK Helsinki
    Bülent Yıldırım
    Cem Satman - Erdinç Sezertam
    Koray Gençerler

    Metalist Kharkiv - Dinamo Bucarest
    Hüseyin Göçek
    Emre Eyisoy - Orkun Aktaş
    Mete Kalkavan

  60. Anonymous16/8/12 17:41

    Rizzoli, Damato, Orsato for Europa League, strange

    1. Als Tagiavento.

      4 italian appointments in Europa League play-off.
      I have to be honest, I'm really shocked and now more, who will referee CL playoff? Many Elite referees are already out.
      And now we are sure, no Rizzoli for Super Cup.
      He is appointed for a match just one day before.

    2. Anonymous16/8/12 18:08

      UEFA will surprise us on Sunday and Monday when they publish appointments. In this Champions League playoff we won't see only elite referees, that's all I have to say.

    3. Anonymous16/8/12 18:21

      So referees for Super Cup are now Brych,Skomina,Eriksson ... ?

    4. Eriksson is a strong candidate now, considering that Johannesson and Strombergsson are not appointed in Europa League.

    5. 4 Italians, surprise surprise. Vad should get a CL PO then.

    6. Brych, Stark, Benquerenca, Proenca, Velasco, Lannoy, Webb, Atkinson, Thomson, Eriksson, Kassai, Cakir, Kuipers, Skomina, Hagen, Královec, Mazic, Vad, Chapron, Strahonja, Borski: I think those get the CL Playoffs and the Super cup

    7. I'm curios about Benquerenca, after a so long stop, last match was the famous Napoli-Bayern and almost an year has passed!
      A CL playoff is the right game to get, after months and months?
      And what about his performance in Portuguese Super Cup?
      Was he good?

    8. Anonymous16/8/12 22:52

      Hi Suricate,

      what about Manuel Gräfe and Gianluca Rocchi?

      Kind regards from Vienna,

    9. Anonymous16/8/12 23:09

      Oh, I just read: Manuel Gräfe is injured ...

    10. Yes, and I forgot Rocchi. But after 4 Italians in EL, I think he does not need to get a match.

  61. Anonymous16/8/12 17:45

    engin baytar banned for 11 matches.

  62. I think we should report other matches (i.e. friendlies, leagues) too. It give us wider view on the referees' performances. Of course, they shouldn't be full reports in templates, but short reports with major decisions and overall fellings would be great. Then put it at refmarks and we would have a better point of view for the current form of referees. Am I right?

    1. At least you are not wrong. I would cut out friendlies, no, test matches, friendlies do not exist. We (Philipp, a few other new reporters and me) will try to cover the full Bundesliga season with marks. Managing all the leagues with reports is utopia in my opinion, but we can try it as you proposed, which however requires self-initiative. I will not coordinate that, at some time, a limit of possible management is reached ;)

    2. I agree, I'll try to report many news about serie A performances this year, with the additional assistant referees, it will be fascinating.

    3. Thanks for these answers. It will be just good to reach a better view. I will report what I can from all the World (AFC and CAF also - it can be useful). Many league matches too. Only short reports would be good to know what is there in the match. Thanks.

    4. Hi,
      I like the idea, but there are a few "buts"
      1. We would have to use the same small report template for all those matches (I would like to have some suggestions)
      2. It has to be done in an autonom way, we dont want anyone to be presured by it.
      3. I would put them online, but I would explain you a way to do it faster.


    5. I think any template isn't neccessary. Only few sentences about referee performance. Point 2 is obvious. Who want to write, just do it. Point 3 - OK. I send you a report from Polish second level and it can be a template if you want.

  63. Nestor Pitana will referee the South American Super Cup. Casas, Maidana will assist him.

  64. DFB Pokal Round 1

    17.08.2012 19.00 SG Sonnenhof Großaspach - FSV Frankfurt Benjamin Brand, Markus Pflaum, Michael Emmer, Daniel Schlager
    17.08.2012 19.00 VfB Lübeck - Eintracht Braunschweig
    Deniz Aytekin, Mark Borsch, Jonas Weickenmeier, Daniel Riehl
    17.08.2012 20.00 SV Wilhelmshaven - FC Augsburg
    Christian Bandurski, Martin Thomsen, Stefan Glasmacher, Frederik Listner
    18.08.2012 15.30 Hallescher FC - MSV Duisburg
    Robert Hartmann, Holger Henschel, Thomas Färber, Sebastian Schmickartz
    18.08.2012 15.30 FC Oberneuland - Borussia Dortmund Florian Meyer, Rene Rohde, Florian Heft, Andre Wenzel
    18.08.2012 15.30 SpVgg Unterhaching - 1. FC Köln
    Frank Willenborg, Sven Jablonski, Dirk Wijnen, Tobias Reichel
    18.08.2012 15.30 SV Falkensee-Finkenkrug - VfB Stuttgart Thorsten Schriever, Malte Dittrich, Kai Voss, Lennart Dornieden
    18.08.2012 15.30 SC Victoria Hamburg - SC Freiburg Christian Dietz, Lothar Ostheimer, Philipp Schmitt, Robert Schröder
    18.08.2012 15.30 Offenburger FV - FC St. Pauli
    Christian Leicher, Karl Valentin, Thomas Stein, Andreas Bischof
    18.08.2012 15.30 Alemannia Aachen - Borussia Mönchengladbach Felix Zwayer, Mike Pickel, Markus Häcker, Sören Storks
    18.08.2012 15.30 Carl Zeiss Jena - Bayer Leverkusen Tobias Stieler, Volker Wezel, Wolfgang Walz, Lasse Koslowski
    18.08.2012 15.30 Berliner AK 07 - 1899 Hoffenheim Sascha Stegemann, Detlef Scheppe, Marcel Pelgrim, Alexander Sather
    18.08.2012 18.00 1. FC Heidenheim - VfL Bochum
    Tobias Christ, Timo Gerach, Torsten Bauer, Dominik Bartsch
    18.08.2012 20.30 FC Schönberg 95 - VfL Wolfsburg
    Dr. Robert Kampka, Marcel Göpferich, Dominik Schaal, Patrick Schult
    18.08.2012 20.30 Kickers Offenbach - SpVgg Greuther Fürth Christian Dingert ,Guido Kleve, René Kunsleben,
    Florian Steinberg
    19.08.2012 14.30 FC Nöttingen - Hannover 96
    Benjamin Cortus, Eduard Beitinger, Simon Marx, Tobias Endriß
    19.08.2012 14.30 Wormatia Worms - Hertha BSC Berlin Norbert Grudzinski, Matthias Anklam, Sascha Thielert, Jonas Weickenmeier
    19.08.2012 14.30 Karlsruher SC - Hamburger SV
    Bastian Dankert, Christoph Bornhorst, Thomas Gorniak, Sven Jablonski
    19.08.2012 14.30 FC Hennef 05 - 1860 München
    Dr. Manuel Kunzmann, Moritz Kühlmeyer, Karl Wiatrek, Felix Schmitz
    19.08.2012 14.30 TSV Havelse - 1. FC Nürnberg
    Robert Kempter, Arno Blos, Thomas Münch, Stefan Kleinschmidt
    19.08.2012 16.00 VfR Aalen - FC Ingolstadt
    Marcel Unger, Norbert Giese, Martin Bärmann, Torsten Bauer
    19.08.2012 16.00 Arminia Bielefeld - SC Paderborn Markus Wingenbach, Patrick Alt, Christian Gittelmann, Martin Thomsen
    19.08.2012 16.00 1. FC Saarbrücken - Schalke 04
    Tobias Welz, Georg Schalk, Rafael Foltyn, Timo Gerach
    19.08.2012 16.00 FC Erzgebirge Aue - Eintracht Frankfurt Daniel Siebert, Jan-Hendrik Salver, Jan Seidel, Benjamin Brand
    19.08.2012 16.00 Preußen Münster - Werder Bremen
    Peter Sippel, Marco Achmüller, Markus Schüller, Florian Heft
    19.08.2012 18.30 Hansa Rostock - 1. FC Kaiserslautern Florian Steuer, Thorben Siewer, Marc Frömel, Robert Wessel
    19.08.2012 18.30 Wacker Burghausen - Fortuna Düsseldorf
    Harm Osmers, Arne Aarnink, Tim Skorczyk, Pascal Müller
    19.08.2012 20.30 SV Roßbach/Verscheid - FSV Mainz 05 Bibiana Steinhaus, Sebastian Schmickartz, Stefan Lupp, Daniel Rott
    20.08.2012 18.30 SV Sandhausen - Energie Cottbus
    Thorsten Kinhöfer, Sören Storks, Benedikt Kempkes, Wolfgang Walz
    20.08.2012 18.30 Rot-Weiss Essen - 1. FC Union Berlin Martin Petersen, Florian Steinberg, Markus Pflaum, René Kunsleben
    20.08.2012 18.30 Chemnitzer FC - Dynamo Dresden
    Markus Schmidt, Marcel Göpferich, Philipp Schmitt, Lothar Ostheimer
    20.08.2012 20.30 SSV Jahn Regensburg - Bayern München
    Guido Winkmann, Christian Bandurski, Frederick Assmuth, Sascha Stegemann

    Big or rather important match for Zwayer.


    Barcelona - Real
    Carlos Clos Gómez, Jesús Calvo Guadamuro, Luis Fernando Marco Martínez, Sergio Usón Rosel

    Real - Barcelona (29/08/2012, 22.30)
    Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz, Pau Cebrián Devís, Jon Núñez Fernández, Vicente Gil Coscolla

  66. Here in Italy Coppa Italia began two Sundays ago.
    On next saturday there will be the third round, with several serie A teams to join some matches.

    Here the full appointments, there are both serie A and serie B referees:

    Atalanta - Padova
    Di Fiore - Giachero

    Bologna - Varese
    Barbirati - Marzaloni

    Catania - Sassuolo
    Dobosz - Pegorin
    La Penna

    Cesena - Crotone
    Rosi - Passeri

    Chievo - Ascoli
    Paganessi - Paiusco

    Fiorentina - Novara
    Iannello - Galloni

    Livorno - Perugia
    Manganelli- Bianchi

    Modena - Reggina
    Tonolini - Tegoni

    Palermo - Cremonese
    Giordano - Raparelli

    Pescara - Carpi
    Marrazzo - Del Giovane
    Di Paolo

    Juve S. - Sampdoria
    De Pinto - Posado

    Siena - Vicenza
    Costanzo - Bolano

    Torino - Lecce
    Viazzi - Crispo
    De Marco

    Genoa - Verona
    Niccolai - Vuoto

    Cagliari - Spezia
    Padovan - Gava

    Cittadella - Ternana
    Meli - Avellano

  67. Mam wrażenie że Fischer zachował się w tej sytuacji jak nie profesjnalista tylko jako tchórz, sędziowanie jest dla odażnych jeśli ten 42 latek z Hamer boi się piłkarzy to niech wzorem Babaka Rafati skończy z sędziowaniem i zajmie się obserwowaniem pray swoich młodszych kolegów bo sędziowanie jest dla odwarznych a nie dla tchórzy Christian!!!!!!

  68. By the way, Yun Hyeon, do you know the italian assistant referee Giulio Dobosz from Rome? His surname seems to be from Poland, can you confirm it?
    I don't know so much about him, anyway in the last seasons he showed very good performances and he was in fight to get the FIFA badge... born 29/10/1974, probably he has a Polish father (?)

    1. No info about him here in Polish sites, but his name is typical Polish. The same thing as with Norbert Grudzinski (should be Grudziński), Christian Bandurski, Thomas Gorniak, Karl Wiatrek in Germany. The must have Polish descents

    2. Yes, I think that dates from the big movements from Silesia in the early 20th century.

  69. FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup Japan 2012:
    JAP vs MEX: Christine Baitinger (GER), Natalie Aspinall, Sian Massey (ENG), Silvia Spinelli (ITA)
    NZL vs SUI: Abirami Apbai (SIN), Lee Seul Gi (KOR), Thi Thuy Kieu (VIE), Qin Liang (CHN)
    BRA vs ITA: Margaret Domka (USA), Emperatriz Ayala (SLV), Elizabeth Cuff (CUB), Fadouma Dia (SEN)
    NGR vs KOR: Dianne Ferreira-James (GUY), Kimberly Moreira (CRC), Marisol Salazar (GUA), Fadouma Dia (SEN)
    PRK vs NOR: Lucila Venegas, Enedina Caudillo, Lixy Enriquez (MEX), Nami Sato (JPN)
    ARG vs CAN: Esther Staubli, Eveline Bolli (SUI), Ella De Vries (BEL), Pernilla Larsson (SWE)
    GHA vs USA: Teodora Albon, Petruta Iugulescu (ROU), Angela Kyriakou (CYP), Fusako Kajiyama (JPN)
    GER vs CHN: Ana Marques (BRA), Mariana de Almeida (ARG), Luzmila Gonzalez (COL), Fusako Kajiyama (JPN)

  70. Anonymous17/8/12 19:22

    No Markus Strömbergsson on FIFA list ?????????????

    1. Anonymous17/8/12 20:51

      ... and also removed from Levante : Motherwell.

    2. I will try to find that out, I will let you know.

    3. The weird thing is that the Swedish football association still has Strombergsson at their First Category list of Referees (and of course FIFA). So something else must have happened.

    4. This isn't the first time, Strombergsson one year ago was appointed for a match of SS Lazio in Europa League, but a few days later he was replaced by Gumienny. I don't know. He got only one match in the knockout phase of 2012 European cups, Valencia - Stoke City in Europa League, then he was in Ukraine and Poland. In the last match he got not enough matches, in my opinion, and now he is also Elite Development referee.
      I don't want to think that he is going to retire due to work reasons or other causes, but his name out from the FIFA site is really strange. is the website of the club of swedish FIFA referees, but no news about him.

    5. I meant "in the last year" and not "in the last match"
      of course, sorry

  71. Dingert and Welz on the German FIFA List for 2013, replacing Kircher and Weiner.

    1. :O:O Dingert, he is not ready...really not ready, Welz as expected.

    2. Kircher? Why? Do they think Dingert is better than Kircher? OMG

    3. Anonymous17/8/12 22:05

      And they are leaving Kinhöfer, come on. How is that sad, Kircher was premier category, now only second, and he didn't even get a match in this season qualifications. Any other options then Dingert, I'm not so "in" German referees?

    4. Kircher voluntarily retired and announced that in May. The same counts for Weiner, they want to make empty place for new and talented refs. The problem is that I do not see talent in Dingert, but obviously they do. Kircher had a match, but that was abandoned (Bilbao-Bursaspor or something like that).

    5. And no, there is no other option except reducing Germany's fifa slots to 9, which I would have favoured. Pushing refs into places as they must be filled makes no sense. He has refereed 20 matches in Bundesliga + a relegation match, made at least 3 crucial mistakes with match decisive influence and the rest was only solid. They cannot take that serious.

    6. Dingert must have been pushed because of his age. At least they nominate a young referee for that spot. Not like in Greece where for some years we nominated referees of 36 and 37 years old with no chance of promotion.

    7. He also accompanied Stark as assistant referee for years, and also Herbert Fandel..

  72. I znowu Kassai rozczarował i potwierdził że jego zwycięstwo w klasyfikacji na najleprzego arbitra za rok 2011 nadany mu IFFHS był chybiony i dlatego po fazie grupowej słósznie nie dano mu sędziować na ME fazy play-off. Wygrał i poczół sie gwiazdą i teraz zawodzi

  73. Who wants to have a match in CL Play-off next week? Which one?

    1. Braga - Udinese only one that I can watch ;)

  74. EPL Appts

    Arsenal-Sunderland: Foy, Beck, Child
    Fulham-Norwich: Oliver, Breakspear, Scholes (back in PL)
    Queens PR-Swansea: Probert, Bryan, Ganfield
    Reading-Stoke: Friend, Flynn, Richards
    West Brom-Liverpool: Dowd, Ledger, Lennard (Wales, new in PL)
    West Ham-Aston Villa: Dean, Collin, Long
    Newcastle-Tottenham: Atkinson, Kirkup, Burt
    Wigan-Chelsea: Jones, Beswick, Halliday
    ManCity-Southampton: Webb, Cann, Mullarkey
    Everton-ManU: Marriner, Ledger, McDonough

  75. Anonymous18/8/12 22:00

    for elite turkish referees cuneyt cakir


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